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July 2009 Newsletter

New Hands On / Problem Solving Format for Users Group Meeting is Well Received


The theme and format of this year’s recently completed Precipitator Users Group Meeting was unlike any other and certainly has set

the bar higher for future meetings.

The theme this year was "how to work on a precipitator without getting dirty."  So, the whole meeting focus was on "doing" in order to directly learn problem-solving skills. Attendees participated through teams and at learning stations. Each learning station focused on a specific topic that pertained to the operation, maintenance or performance of a precipitator. Users then applied their newly gained knowledge on a "virtual precipitator" and used a specific "budget." Teams were given multiple situations in which they needed to work together to identify problems, apply the appropriate solution(s) and make sure they came in "under budget."

Click here for video testimonials from two of this year’s attendees.


Customers were involved in hands-on sessions like this learning station, which focused on using Neundorfer Precipitator Optimization System software for troubleshooting.

Users group meetings are held annually to provide customers with problem-solving skills that will help them optimize performance and improve their diagnostic skills. Click here for more information about the recently completed meeting.  Neundorfer will announce the 2010 schedule very soon.



 Fabric Filter (Baghouse) Users Group is Here!

Baghouse users — it’s time to mark your calendars and sign up! The 2009 Baghouse Users Group will be held August 11 - 12 in our training center in Willoughby, Ohio. The users group meeting will be broken out into "Basics" and "Advanced" sessions.  The advanced session will focus on inspection and troubleshooting. Other topics that will be covered include:

  • Fabric filter operation, applications and components
  • Operation and maintenance best practices
  • Troubleshooting and extending bag life
  • Optimizing cleaning cycles

As with last year’s event, Neundorfer will provide free filter bag permeability testing for attendees.  Click here for more information and registration.


New Capabilities for Better Service:

Flow Optimization Provides Low-Cost Precipitator/Baghouse Performance Improvement

Optimizing flow distribution in precipitators and fabric filters ("baghouses") can have a significant impact on performance of the equipment. The result can be a significant reduction in outlet emissions (particulate), lower opacity and reduced production restrictions. Flow optimization can also increase life expectancy and reduce maintenance costs by reducing erosion of ductwork, gas flow devices, precipitator components and fabric filter bag wear. Flow optimization can also reduce total plant operating costs by reducing differential pressure.

Recognizing the importance of flow optimization, Neundorfer purchased the assets of APCO Services in 2007 (click here for news release) to complement our strong capabilities in process consulting. More recently, we expanded our Ohio facility by purchasing a 17,000 sq ft building next door help us further streamline our flow modeling process which includes CFD and physical modeling, and handle more projects and get them through faster.

Indeed, providing results quickly is our goal, understanding that flow optimization modifications have to be implemented during outages. While flow optimization studies typically can take 14 - 20 weeks or more to complete, Neundorfer has reduced this time to less than 12 weeks.

For more information please click here. Or click here to download our Process Optimization Brochure.

          Marlin and William 2009 PUG  

Dr. Marlin Anderson and William Shepard testing a physical model.



Precipitator Power Systems – Take A Closer Look

You are invited to take a look at a new dynamic feature that has been added to the Neundorfer KnowledgeBase.

Neundorfer has developed an animated schematic diagram that shows — and explains — the power system components of a typical electrostatic precipitator (ESP). When users mouse-over a picture of a component, text boxes appear giving the name of each component and its basic function. A total of 14 components are shown.

"Our objective with this project is consistent with one of our primary missions in our marketplace, which is to help ESP users better understand how precipitators operate," said Steve Ostanek, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "Power systems are often misunderstood and critical components are overlooked when it’s time to evaluate precipitator performance and upgrade," he said.


To view this new feature, visit the ESP section of the Neundorfer KnowledgeBase by clicking here.



Wellness Program Garners Grant Money Support

Neundorfer’s wellness program is the recipient of a "mini grant" from the Cleveland-area Council of Smaller Enterprises (COSE). Jody Beller, a member of our accounting team, was the driver behind the grant application.

"Our company is constantly striving to promote a healthy lifestyle," Jody said. "So, I was really excited to learn that our application was approved."

Grant money will be used to help underwrite one of Neundorfer’s major wellness initiatives, where the company subsidizes yoga and Pilates exercise classes for employees. Neundorfer also promotes the 10,000 Steps program, offering free pedometers and batteries, as well as allowing extra time at lunch for walking or running and providing healthy-lunch choices for all business lunches.