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August 2009 Newsletter

Tech Tips

Prof Tech Tips

Electrostatic Precipitator Outage Startup Best Practices
Prior to an outage, be sure to record a set of benchmark T/R readings, and particularly for a major outage, a set of V/I curves as well. Then, plan to run a set of post-outage readings, once the unit is up and running normally, for comparison.

By recording T/R readings even for short outages, you will be able to see potential areas that need attention during this outage or the next one. You may also be able to address an issue that could have caused you to reduce process production if left unattended.

The V/I curves provide a benchmark of clearance issues in the box and show which T/R’s are functioning properly versus those that need to be addressed. V/I curves will also help show the effects of other performance factors such as coal and temperature changes.

For questions regarding taking benchmark T/R readings or other Best Practice ideas, please contact us at (440) 942-8990 or


Identifying Failed Pulse Jet Baghouse Diaphragm Valves

If you operate or maintain a Pulse Jet baghouse, you know how difficult it is to identify diaphragm valves that are not functioning. Once you have found the one(s) that not operating they are relatively easy to repair, yet in the meantime, they can adversely affect bag cleaning, differential pressure and consume large quantities of valuable compressed air.

A simple but effective method to find those not functioning is to gently place a small wad of tissue paper in the exhaust port of each valve. Allow all valves to cycle through a couple of times and check to see which one(s) still have the tissue left in the exhaust port.  Once identified, it’s typically just a matter of installing a new diaphragm kit or replacing the coil or solenoid and you’re back to hitting on all valves.

If you have any questions about diaphragm valves or other Baghouse questions, please contact us at (440) 942-8990 or


Bringing Service Closer to Our Customers

Kent Edrington, Field Applications Engineer for Neundorfer, is returning "home" to Evanston, Wyoming (see map) in order to bring our service closer to our customers in the western U.S.

Prior to joining Neundorfer in 2008, Kent worked for PacifiCorp for 25 years at their Naughton Power Plant in Kemmerer, WY. Kent and his wife, Nancy, spent the last year in Willoughby, Ohio, to be near our headquarters in order to become familiar with the company and participate directly with our team.

Kent’s depth and breadth of knowledge have already been deployed to benefit quite a few customers over the last year. His roles have included troubleshooting, project management, electrical engineering, installation support, inspections, scope-of-work development and consulting. He will continue with these roles in his new location.   

Kent1      As he relocates to Wyoming, Kent is continuing to help us create partnerships with customers, making sure they understand that our highest priority is to deeply understand their processes, organizations and equipment.

"We are excited to be able to extend our service capabilities closer to our customer base in the West," said Halle Rose, Operations Manager for Neundorfer, "and Kent is just the person to do it!"


Bringing Experience to Bear: How You Benefit from Neundorfer Consulting

Customers benefit from our consulting experience by knowing what performance improvements to expect before committing to an overhaul or new construction project. You can trust Neundorfer consultants to use their experience to help find the solutions that fit your technical and business needs.

Kent Edrington (see article above) is just one example of Neundorfer’s most powerful asset: our hundreds of years of consulting, design and field experience. Our people know what improvement options will be effective and practical based on their direct experience. Our experience helps us show you which designs will work, how much a project will cost and how installation and fabrication can be organized to install with the least cost in the shortest outage.


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To review all of our process optimization, technical service and consulting capabilities, please see our Services section of our web site and download our Process Optimization/Technical Services brochure.

All of Neundorfer’s technical services are available 24/7 and we can be on site to most locations in the U.S. and Canada within 24 hours (many times less than 12 hours).

If a site visit is not necessary, all of Neundorfer’s technical resources (including Kent) are available via phone or remote connection (secure VPN and dial-up).