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Technical Tip
How Boiler Performance Impacts Electrostatic Precipitators

The different areas of a power utility or industrial plant are sometimes operated as if they’re isolated from one another, when in fact every piece of equipment in the system eventually impacts every other piece of equipment. For example, front-end operations (mills, boiler) affect collection efficiency of the electrostatic precipitator (ESP) on the back end.

Three factors in particular are especially useful with considering how front-end systems impact back-end systems: unburned carbon in ash, high temperatures at the air heater exit and/or ESP inlet, and air in-leakage. ... Read more.

Learning Events
It's All About Compliance

Compliance with air pollution control regulations on your mind? Check out our upcoming events that address this important topic.

Webinar: How Do I Get There From Here? Demystifying Environmental Compliance
Wednesday, November 3, 2010, at 11:00am Eastern. This free one-hour webinar, the first in a two-part series sponsored by Neundorfer, introduces a holistic, scenario planning-based approach to complying with air pollution regulations. Moderated by Robert McIlvaine, the online learning event features five experts discussing relationships between fuel selection and prep, combustion systems, heat transfer, and pollution control. The experts will be available during a Q&A section and afterward to answer your questions. Register now

Seminar: Boiler MACT Scenario Planning Workshop
November 9-10, 2010, at Neundorfer Learning Facility in Willoughby, Ohio. This special learning event is a practical, hands-on forum for plant owners and managers exploring options for boiler MACT compliance. You'll learn how to use scenario planning as a tool for confidently making decisions despite fluctuating or vague variables. More info

New Resources

We've been busy adding new information to Take a look!

Compliance: Resource Center
We created a special section of our website with information about changes to National Standards for Hazardous Air Pollultants (NESHAP), and access to experts who can help you make sense of what to do next. Visit the site

KnowledgeBase: Technical Tips Neundorfer's library of Technical Tips from past editions of NNews are now compiled onto a single, easy-to-navigate page on our website. Read the tips

Video: Neundorfer Learning Tools
Explore Neundorfer's training simulators and electrostatic precipitator controls technology.
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