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December 14, 2010


Regulatory Update: EPA Transport Rule

EPA Transport Rule with Map

What does it take to be a good neighbor? In the EPA's eyes, when this question is applied nationally to air quality, the answer is that states must be held responsible for pollutants created within their boundaries with the potential to impact public health elsewhere.

The good neighbor concept is behind EPA's proposed
Clean Air Transport Rule, published in draft on August 2, which impacts a total of 31 "upwind" Eastern and Midwestern states, plus the District of Columbia. If enacted as proposed, the rule will affect electric power generating units with capacity of 25-megawatt and larger.

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Co-Existence - Coal Fired & Combined Cycle Problems and Solutions

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January 12-14, 2011
Casa Marina Resort, Key West, Florida

As part of its industry alliance with United Dynamics Corporation, David N. French Metallurgists and Storm Technologies, Neundorfer will be facilitating a session at UDC's 16th Annual All Users Conference. This learning event is designed to help plant personnel gather and analyze data needed to make sound decisions for the most successful means of cycling coal-fired and combined-cycle units. Participants will take away knowledge of how to minimize damage, maximize equipment life, achieve more reliable operation and reduce maintenance costs.

Neundorfer will lead a discussion about how process impacts back-end air pollution control equipment (precipitators, baghouses, etc.) and what can be done to holistically optimize plant systems.

Register here or contact Sherri Hart, (502) 957-7525,, for details and pricing.

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