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My Neundorfer Experience

Ed SI’m Ed Steinke, a senior electrical engineer at Ohio University. This is my third summer here as an intern at Neundorfer and I continued where I had left off on my previous work with a rapper project. My time here has been quite a learning experience as I have been able to get involved in real world product development. As I continue my education at school I can’t help but realize how important actual work experience has been in helping me develop as a more experienced engineer. I look forward to returning to Neundorfer during my winter break of school and continuing to work alongside others who continually help me appreciate the company.




Alan 600

My name is Alan Sotak, I am a junior at Miami of Ohio and I am currently studying mechanical engineering. While interning over the summer at Neundorfer I experienced quite a lot. I learned how to use a 3-D modeling program (Solidworks), which was different from the one I use at school.  I also furthered my knowledge of AutoCAD, which my school does not teach. Learning the computer program was not the only benefit of my internship. I saw how the real work world functions with problems and tasks, not the cherry picked problems that you work though in class. I also got to see some of the terminology used in my classes being applied, as well as learning many new things that I will be studying, which will help in my enthusiasm for the class. Through the internship, what I have learned the most is to have a plan of attack for all projects, big or small, as well as to have strong communication with team members or peers for help and advice. I plan on continuing the experience with Neundorfer over the winter to further my knowledge and also to assist the team with any projects in any way that I can. 


Josh LockwoodMy name is Josh. This summer I was fortunate to spend 11 weeks with the Neundorfer team and learn about the basic functions of a business. My school advisors told me not to expect much for a freshman internship. I was supposed to only do meaningless tasks and act as someone’s assistant. They could not have been more wrong. I was immediately given big projects that demanded a lot of research and effort. I was a part of meetings with the sales team to discuss strategy and asked them for input on my work. I was always given a project with the confidence that I would get it done and done right. They didn’t hold my hand during this process either. They gave me challenging tests in subtle ways. These tests included making me ask other employees to do tasks for me so that I could complete my project. I had to give these people deadlines and constantly remind them that I need them to get a certain task done. They had me making cold calls to different clients and even try to sell them different products. In the beginning I was very uncomfortable with these tasks. The employees at Neundorfer understood that I am a quiet person, but they pushed me enough to make me feel more comfortable around other people. Now I am confident and more comfortable calling random customers and making requests of other employees.

In the beginning of the internship I was in the shop three days a week. I didn’t realize then just how valuable those days in the shop were. I was able to get a firsthand look at the amount of work that goes into these huge projects. One memory I will take away from my experience in the shop was when I decided to stay in the shop when everyone went home and work on a project I had started earlier that day. I was sitting by myself in the shop asking myself what does this have to do with marketing? Brian R. then came into the shop to check on the progress of an order. He saw me sitting at a table in the back of the shop and he came up to me. He said, “Josh, you may not think what you are doing right now is marketing, but it is.” He went on to explain that manufacturing parts ultimately play a huge part on a company’s reputation. If the product doesn’t work like it should, it can hurt a company’s image and ultimately their success. He may not think what he said was all that great, but the truth is that he showed me a different perspective on marketing. I didn’t expect to learn about marketing in a shop. But I realized that day that my experience in the shop is as important as making any phone call to a customer or sending out a press release.

One of my biggest jobs while I was with Neundorfer was to update a new software program called CRM (Customer Relationship Management). I had old, existing equipment records from a variety of resources and input all of that information into an organized database. By my final day at Neundorfer I had recorded information for over 800 precipitators and baghouses. This is roughly for 320 plants. I used internet sources as well as receipts from old orders and was able to organize it into one place. I previously had no experience with databases. Now I have almost become an expert at using them.

My experience here at Neundorfer this summer has been very refreshing and has given me a lot of confidence about my abilities. I now have a better understanding on what marketing truly is. I always was an average, 3.0 GPA, student in high school.  I feel like I really am a standout here and people appreciate and respect me. They do not look at me as some college kid with no experience. Instead they look at me as another employee who is adding value to the company.


Brittany Schrefler

I am Brittany and I will be a freshman engineering student in the Honors program at The Ohio State University. At Neundorfer this summer I worked as a Customer Service Representative, where my primary role was to greet all who call or visit Neundorfer.  Additionally, I helped prepare for seminars, visitors, and other events. There have been many projects in which I have had a role including data entry into newly implemented CRM and sales calls for Smart Ash. I have assisted in finding an apartment for a employee relocating and instituted a cardboard recycling program. Finally, I have learned about many aspects of the Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable processes and helped invoice, process vouchers and send out checks.

I have gained a great deal of self confidence from the pride I receive when I complete a task and from the positive feedback I have received. Furthermore, my ability to work independently and follow through with projects has been developed. The exposure to the business world has given me an overview of the journey from a purchase order to an invoice and everything in between. The Neundorfer passion for “particulate knowledge” is contagious and I too have become intrigued by the world of precipitators. I am very impressed by the professionalism and warmth of the Neundorfer team and was honored to be a part of it.


Josh F

My name is Joshua Fitzhugh and I'm a senior at Murray State University. I worked in Hopkinsville with Neundorfer/APCO Services helping them to create models of Precipitators in order to run tests and improve the Precipitator. My job was to create a 3D model of the pre existing Precipitator to scale in Solidworks and then scale it down to a size for which we could build a physical model. I then helped in the building of the model, as well as making the improvements and conducting the final testing. What I got out of my experience with Neundorfer was a better understanding of the professional world. Working in a more professional field helped me with organization, deadlines, and how to deal with a group project even if you can’t talk face to face. It was a very good experience.