About Us

Integrity. Inquiry. Ingenuity.

At Neundorfer, we come to work every day because we enjoy working together to solve tough problems.

With integrity, inquiry, and ingenuity we embrace our responsibility to inspire new thinking, creating simple paths to impactful results.

Our people are creative, practical, and dynamic. We are energized by learning together which has allowed us to support our customers in adapting to their constantly changing regulatory and economic environment.  We take pride in the direct connection our people have with our customers, the ease with which they collaborate, and the focus on intent that allows them to work together to solve complex problems in surprisingly simple ways.

As a privately held business, we are free to focus on what matters most to our customers and evolve to support them as their business changes. And with an average tenure of over 13 years, our employees have adapted with us.

We enjoy a challenge that requires us to look at things from multiple perspectives, that draws on our knowledge and experiences, and where the results mean something to our customers. By understanding the technical, economic, and organizational aspects of our customers, we are able to develop approaches to achieving their objectives that are both creative and cost-effective.

We are always searching for opportunities that draw on our collective passion to find simple paths to impactful results.

How We Do This.

Most of our customers aren’t experts in air pollution abatement. We know that they rely on us to come up with creative, efficient, and cost-effective ways to make their equipment perform to their standards. Everything we do inspires new thinking, discovers possibilities that lead to new paths, and makes a positive impact on everyone around us.

For more than 40 years, we have been dedicated to helping owners and operators of air quality control systems reduce emissions and improve pollution control system performance through design, modeling, consulting, product support, installation, and service. Our highly skilled, technically oriented team is driven by an extremely inquisitive nature and desire to resolve complex issues. We use a proven process that combines in-depth analysis, experiential knowledge, and a focus on both the technical and economic challenges that are unique to each customer.

We strive to create profit opportunities for our customers by optimizing capital expenditures, maintenance costs, and operating expenses while identifying opportunities to increase efficiency and performance. By combining analytical processes and experiential knowledge we are able to provide high-value, low-cost solutions with proven results. In the end, customers are able to achieve the lowest cost per unit of pollutant removal.


What We Value.

With integrity, inquiry, and ingenuity we embrace our responsibility to inspire new thinking, creating simple paths to impactful results.

  • Integrity: We strive for the best interest of all and are committed to flawless execution
  • Inquiry: We ask questions and are committed to learning and mastering our professions
  • Ingenuity: We draw on the diversity in our backgrounds, experiences, and knowledge to find insightful ways to solve complex issues


Our Process

We engineer a sophisticated mix of technologies, both proprietary and non-proprietary, that result in cost effective approaches to reducing waste, increasing efficiency and improve processes effectiveness.

We are not consultants. We are not equipment sellers. We are problem solvers who are technology and design agnostic.

We don’t have a standard solution, because you don’t have a “standard” plant. We use our consultative process to understand your unique situation economic drivers, process variables, objectives, regulations, and equipment so you realize the biggest value from your assets throughout their life-cycle.

Focus on Operational Flexibility Reduced Derates, Improves Capacity

As the hopper evacuation system struggled to keep up with the collection profile of the unit, nightly derates were required to maintain operations. With improve performance and ash collection profiles, the plant was able to increase capacity, run co ...

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"Not only were we able to drastically reduce opacity and PM, we were able to increase the revenue from our fly ash sales and improve system capacity. "

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