Re-Imagining Neundorfer

Our focus is on outcomes.  Our 40-some years of legacy experience have gotten us to where we are today.  Along the way we have developed skills that have broadened our ability to serve our customers. Most importantly, these are holistic skills that allow us to stay focused on the outcomes our customers need, not replicating the “thing” that generate the outcomes.   We’re leveraging this learning into different areas such as wastewater treatment and whole-plant optimization, and invite you to challenge how you see Neundorfer.

Let us help you find the opportunities for performance optimization, cost savings, and consistent compliance in your system!

– Steve Ostanek, President

Our Story History of Neundorfer

In the early 1970s, with the passage of the Clean Air Act, electric utilities and companies in other heavy industries (like steel and cement production) called upon original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to improve their precipitators and install new ones. Established and new OEMs competed against each other, went for big projects, and didn’t focus much on service or upgrades. Neundorfer, Inc. was one of a few non-OEM companies focused on filling the need for better service and cost effective upgrades that improved reliability and performance. Throughout the 1970s, Neundorfer built credibility with customers by listening first, understanding before being understood, and being curious.

Today, after 40 plus years in business, we’ve expanded our capabilities and the customers we service through internal development and acquisitions. We owe our success to an energetic and diverse staff who embody those first principles (listening, understanding, curiosity) established many years ago and great customers who value what we do. A lot of learning has taken place these past 40 years. It has shaped us and created a strong foundation for us to help customers solve big problems. We are looking forward to a great future where we can leverage our experiential knowledge to meet our customers’ current needs and explore new ways to meet future needs.

Neundorfer History Timeline


1975It All Began Here

Neundorfer, Inc. began helping North American utilities and heavy industry improve the performance of electrostatic precipitators.

1976Rapid Learning & Expanding Capabilities

As our customers need for more vertically integrated services increased, we continued to expand our knowledge base which resulted in innovative services and products, made an acquisition, and expanded our facilities to increase our production capabilities. Major milestones during this period were:

  • First and Second Generation MicroProcessor Voltage Controls (MVC-I & MVC II)
  • First Generation Programmable Rapper Control
  • Acquired Lucidyne Controls
  • Mitsubishi partners with Neundorfer, Inc. to provide sophisticated performance enhancing algorithm (Intermittent Energization)
  • Patented Discharge Electrodes (Spring Shround)
  • Expanded our facilities (moved to our current location)


As our consultative approach continued to develop, we found different areas where we could help customers improve performance and reduce costs. The major lesson we learned here was that diversifying for diversifying's sake was not all that ( Company HIstory )! Major milestones during this period were:

  • Patented innovative mechanical boiler de-slagging system
  • Patented boiler feedwater heater optimization control
  • Patented on-line coal sampler
  • First Generation integrated precipitator optimization software system released (POS)
  • First Generation MicroProcessor Based Precipitator Rapper Control released (MicroRap)
  • First Generation Electric Rapper released (EMR)

1995Knowledge & Team Building

Refining our focus on adding value to every step of the process to help our customers solve problems, we continued our efforts to enhance our understanding of our customer's processes. Our team was evolving into a multi-discipline group with diverse experiences. We continued to innovate and even broke away from traditional internal business disciplines and released a product with a tongue-in-cheek name! Major milestones in this period were:

  • Third Generation MicroProcessor Voltage Control (MVC-III)
  • Second Generation Electric Rapper released (EMR)
  • Windows„¢ Based precipitator optimization software system released (POS)
  • Patented Fly Ash System Optimization Software released (SmartAsh)
  • Acquired Wilhelm Technologies - flue gas condition systems

2005More Expansion

As we continued to gain more diverse experiences helping customers, both organically and through acquisition, we expanded our facilities (in an environmentally friendly way) so we could become more agile and find more ways we can help our customers reduce the cost of a pound pollutant removal. Major milestones in this period were:

  • Second facility expansion ( Ugly Ducklings Turn Into A Swan )
  • Fourth Generation MicroProcessor Voltage Control (MVC-IV)
  • Acquired APCO Services; fluid dynamics and gas flow modeling, laboratory services
  • Third facility expansion (model lab and expanded production areas)
  • Integrated performance modeling in precipitator optimization software systems
  • Enhanced consulting with remote monitoring processes and technology
  • We celebrated our 40th Anniversary (July 1, 2015)!

2016Steve Ostanek Purchases Neundorfer, Inc.

As a 34-year employee of the company, I have served in many roles at Neundorfer.  In the early years of its existence, Neundorfer, Inc. was one of a few non-OEM companies focused on filling the need for better service and cost-effective upgrades that improved reliability and performance of electrostatic precipitators in heavy industrial applications. Today, the company has expanded its capabilities and the customers it services through internal development and acquisitions. Neundorfer has an unsurpassed offering of innovative technical services, products, and strategies to optimize the performance of air pollution control equipment and the processes they are associated with. Its success is the result of a cross-discipline, goal-directed, analytic approach to solving customer problems that consistently delivers results. I am excited to take on the added responsibility that comes with ownership, and look forward to taking the company into its next chapter.


As we embark on our 5th decade of working with our customers to find the lowest cost, highest value approaches to reducing pollutants and improving their processes, we look forward to the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead of us.

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Cement Plant Gains Consistent Operations

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