It's Already our 3rd Workshop of 2017!

It's Already our 3rd Workshop of 2017!

Steve and Justin recently completed our third workshop this year!  They facilitated an ESP performance-based optimization and maintenance workshop for a large North American sugar processor.   Attendees were from all over the plant system!  They included power generation supervisors, E/I supervisors, maintenance superintendents, engineers, and foremen from their multi plant fleet.   Their objectives were to better understand the basics of operation and how their process influences ESP performance. They also wanted to identify how to optimize performance and maintenance to reduce operating costs, and to better interpret data to improve their troubleshooting ability.

They walked away with knowledge to apply to situations they are currently working on and an action plan to begin implementing what was learned.  In addition to achieving these objectives, they were able to share information among themselves and learned from best practices created by each plant.  This is consistently one of the most valuable take-aways from any plant-specific workshop!

The most beneficial workshops are those that bring together employees across facilities and departments to share experience, and learn how their work impacts the other groups.  Thank you for another great session!

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