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For more than 40 years, the Neundorfer team has been dedicated to improving the performance of our customers’ pollution control systems. As changes in the market and regulations have altered the type of support our customers need, we have adapted in order to address our customers’ evolving situations. Today, we support our customers by maintaining continuous compliance, enabling production flexibility, ensuring reliable equipment, all while reducing costs.

Blending technology and experience, we are able to address our customers challenges efficiently and cost-effectively. We focus on data analysis to identify the constraints within the system, understand the financial needs of the plant, and work with them to identify the most impactful changes or solutions. Get in touch to see how we can put our knowledge and process to work for you!

Particulate Emissions

New emissions standards are pushing plant owners and operators to do more with less, in shorter and shorter time-frames. This can prove to be difficult, especially considering the interrelationships between the air pollution control equipment and sorbents being used today. Neundorfer is able to review where you are in terms of meeting compliance regulations, identify the major threats to your continued compliance, and model performance improvements or operational changes and their associated costs to ensure that the approach you take meets your goals.

Operational Flexibility

Plant and equipment operating requirements are changing significantly to meet the needs of new market conditions, straining critical systems. Shorter runtimes, load swings and production increases should not be hindered by back-end equipment. We have worked with customers to improve the performance of equipment on the back-end to facilitate production increases, to enable start-up and shut-down without incidences and, most importantly, to plan ahead when making incremental improvements so future needs can be met with smaller investments. Let Neundorfer help you meet these challenges while operating efficiently, profitably and safely.

Cost Reduction

Our process has supported many customers in achieving the performance required from their APC systems while improving their economic vitality. For many plants, the reliability and performance expectations of the precipitator have changed over time, due to the addition of APC equipment or changes to the operational needs of the unit. However, the maintenance practices haven’t always shifted along with these changes. We can help you evaluate your approach to operations and maintenance to ensure that they are inline with the needs of the unit, and saving you money in the process.

We have found that using a holistic approach to air pollution control equipment leads to the most cost-effective, impactful improvements to equipment operations, reliability, and performance. Even the largest challenges can be resolved without high-cost, big-box solutions.

Maintaining Operations after Equipment Damage

Maintaining Operations after Equipment Damage

When an industrial steam generator experienced a major process upset and damaged their electrostatic precipitator (ESP), they could not shut down to make the necessary repairs. Neundorfer was able to optimize the performance of the precipitator whic ...

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