baghouse-inspection-leadersThe Leaders in Baghouse Inspection

At Neundorfer, one of our core capabilities is providing a total system approach for optimizing baghouse equipment. Our qualified team members understand when to inspect overall baghouse performance, review cleaning cycles and operations, and perform preventative baghouse maintenance. As a leader in the industrial baghouse industry, we believe these practices should yield the greatest possible performance impact at the lowest cost to you.

If you have limited time and resources to conduct a baghouse inspection, we can help you prioritize. To inquire about our baghouse services, contact us by filling out the form on the right and we’ll reach out to you within one business day.

baghouse-inspection-processOur Unique Baghouse Inspection Process

We specialize in operational as well as out-of-service baghouse inspections and assessments. Additionally, we offer performance targeted inspections to resolve specific baghouse issues. Our process involves analyzing performance trends and the condition of your unique baghouse, allowing us to make sound data-driven recommendations.

By monitoring and integrating baghouse operations, the dust collectors will capture pollutants more effectively, reducing energy consumption and achieving maximum filter bag life. Our team has mastery level field experience and will collaborate with you to reduce unnecessary costs and create a custom baghouse maintenance strategy that works best for you.

baghouse-inspection-importantWhy Are Baghouse Inspections Important?

It is not uncommon for bag life to decrease at a faster rate than what you expected. Shortened bag life can be attributed to improper start-up procedures, baghouse cleaning processes, temperature, air-to-cloth ratio, and/or a lack of compatibility between internal baghouse components. Omitting baghouse inspections from your regular maintenance routine can lead to high operating costs and a dangerous level of inefficiency within your baghouse.

Baghouse inspections are an important component of reducing differential pressure (DP), lengthening bag life, and improving baghouse efficiency. Regular maintenance through Neundorfer can help prevent small issues from building up over time, saving you time and money. Contact us about your baghouse conditions and we will create a custom plan to ensure your machine is as effective as possible.

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