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Flow Modeling

Flow Modeling Particle Trace

Neundorfer has in-house flow modeling capabilities that include computational fluid dynamics (CFD), physical flow modeling and field testing. By integrating the technology of 3D graphic design, CFD and physical flow modeling, Neundorfer produces the most accurate output for each project. The benefits of Neundorfer flow modeling capabilities include:

  • Reduced outlet emissions resulting from optimized flow through the pollution control device (i.e., baghouse/fabric filter installations)
  • Elimination of bag failures related to air flow abrasion issues
  • Reduced equipment operating costs from optimized pressure drop
  • Elimination of ductwork repairs caused by improper flow designs
  • Increased filter bag life by eliminating ash erosion from high gas velocities
  • Eliminated maintenance time and costs associated with removal of dust dropout and ductwork buildup
  • Improved effectiveness of gas conditioning and activated carbon injection
  • Quick turnaround of testing results as a function of Neundorfer's fully integrated capabilities allows faster implementation of improvements and quicker payback

Neundorfer has the expertise to engineer, fabricate and install flow optimization modifications, providing a convenient, cost-competitive turnkey solution for our customers.