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asset-lifecycle-management-p-imageWe have supported customers in identifying profit opportunities, monitoring and optimizing asset performance, capital planning and budgeting, and constructing, servicing, maintaining, and upgrading equipment. We can help you find practical ways to optimize individual pieces of equipment, or the entire air pollution control stream.  Most important: We don’t look at these tactics in a silo, which means that you realize the most potential from your planning and implementation. By combining industry knowledge, technical expertise, business strategy, and creativity we are able to create solutions and realize benefits that you didn’t know were possible.

We don’t have a standard solution, because you don’t have a “standard” plant. We use our consultative process to understand your unique situation ” economic drivers, process variables, objectives, regulations, and equipment ” so you realize the biggest value from your assets throughout their lifecycle.

Our Capabilities Include:

Process Analysis & Optimization

Our consultative process focuses on both individual equipment and your industrial process and variables, identifying opportunities to maximize profits, improve performance, reduce energy consumption, and improve reliability.

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Achieving Sustained Compliance in Waste-to-Energy Facility

Achieving Sustained Compliance in Waste-to-Energy Facility

Poor ESP performance created challenges for maintaining consistent emissions compliance. Since the repairs needed were extensive, and shutdown time would not allow for all work to be completed, a phased plan was put in place. The results were consi ...

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