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Flue Gas Conditioning

Flue Gas Injection Systems

Neundorfer is the only precipitator company that produces its own flue gas conditioning systems using a whole system approach to understand our customers’ needs and present alternative solutions.

We provide flue gas conditioning systems using SO3 or NH3 conditioning agents to improve dust resistivity and optimize electrostatic precipitator performance. The flue gas conditioning control system is integrated with the your choice of programmable logic controller (PLC) and Neundorfer's Precipitator Optimization System (POS) to automatically fine-tune feed rates.

This allows you to:

  • Use fuel switching or blending as part of an SO2 reduction strategy
  • Improve precipitator performance and reliability, especially when changing fuels
  • Reduce outlet emissions by improving dust collection and increasing efficiency through modified resistivity
  • Provide optimized control algorithms to deliver just the right amount of conditioning agent required based on process and fuel changes

SO3 Conditioning

The addition of SO3 as a flue gas conditioning agent is often the best way to achieve optimal dust resistivity and electrostatic precipitator performance when burning low sulfur fuels.

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NH3 Conditioning

Ammonia (NH3) reacts in flue gas with SO3 and (less so) with SO2 to increase dust resistivity and enhance precipitator performance.

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