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SO3 Conditioning

Neundorfer has the knowledge and experience with precipitators and flue gas conditioning to devise systems for optimal performance:

  • Integrated solutions from control system improvements or upgrades, especially when interfaced with PLCs
  • Greater flexibility with a choice of molten or granular feedstock for specific plant conditions or circumstances
  • Enhanced safety using granular SO3
  • Optimized precipitator performance reduces outlet emissions, maintenance downtime and costs


Granular Sulfur Feedstock System

Granular Sulfur Systems

Neundorfer is the only supplier of our patented granular sulfur firing system. Granular sulfur eliminates the risks and challenges associated with heating and handling molten sulfur. The granular (or formed) sulfur is used in a dry state at ambient temperatures. Granular sulfur feedstock:

  • Reduces maintenance time and costs by eliminating issues with molten sulfur pluggage
  • Enhances safety by avoiding the use of steam or hot water boilers
  • Lowers operating costs associated with steam usage

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Molten Sulfur Flue Gas Conditioning

Molten Sulfur Systems

Neundorfer provides mechanical upgrade solutions to correct common molten sulfur metering and delivery issues in order to:

  • Improve sulfur delivery and system performance by minimizing leaks or over-injection
  • Reduce costs by recirculating unneeded molten sulfur to the storage tank
  • Enhance flexibility to improve system performance and efficiency


Cross-Tie Technology

Neundorfer also offers a patented cross-tie technology to link one SO3 skid to multiple generating systems/precipitators, providing:

  • Lower capital, operating and maintenance costs
  • Higher efficiency with fewer components
  • Enhanced performance from more precise, optimized control