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T/R Sets & Linear Reactors

Linear Reactor

Precipitator powering and sectionalization are critical for optimal ESP performance. Neundorfer offers Transformer/Rectifier (T/R) sets and Linear Reactors, matching these power components to precipitator conditions and processes for the best possible performance.

Transformer/Rectifier (T/R) sets supply power in a precipitator, taking primary power of 400V – 600V and transforming it to 45kV – 100kV. The output is converted into pulsating direct current in the rectifier section.

Linear Reactors, also called Current Limiting Reactors (or CLRs), limit primary power during arcing, adding inductance to a circuit to improve the voltage and current wave forms sent to the precipitator bus section.

Sizing and selection of T/R sets is critical for optimal ESP performance. Neundorfer reviews process and design information to properly size T/R sets for each customer application. T/R set size should be matched to the bus section served, as well as to the range of process demands. In addition, T/R set replacement often provides an opportunity to improve precipitator performance.