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Voltage Dividers

Voltage Dividers

Compact, rugged, cost effective and easy to install, Neundorfer voltage dividers enable essential trending and troubleshooting of electrostatic precipitator and voltage control performance in addition to protecting against costly over-voltage damage to T/R sets.

Neundorfer provides replacement or retrofit voltage dividers that deliver:

  • Reliable and accurate kV secondary voltage feedback
  • Improved voltage control performance
  • Valuable troubleshooting information
  • Small size for easy installation
  • Low-cost alternative to competitive dividers

Neundorfer Voltage Dividers for Replacement or Retrofit:

New T/R sets usually are equipped with voltage dividers. Typically, they are located in the oil, thus making them hard to replace. Should one fail, however, it can be disconnected and a new Neundorfer voltage divider installed as a replacement outside of the T/R oil-filled housing, in the T/R set high-voltage switch housing or in the bus duct. Older T/R sets often do not have voltage dividers, but can be easily retrofitted to provide the important secondary voltage feedback signal.

Two Solutions - select the one which meets your application requirements:

Heavy Duty Insulator Model
Compact Model
Heavy Duty, Harsh Environment Voltage Divider



NEW! Heavy-duty, Harsh Environment Voltage Divider Integrated within an Insulator

Heavy duty voltage divider in Insulator

Another innovation from Neundorfer – designed to work where classic voltage divider designs just aren’t durable enough.

  • Unique design and flexible mounting scheme make for easier installation and safer maintenance.
  • Beefy construction lasts longer than conventional voltage dividers.
  • Backed by Neundorfer with a full three-year warranty per standard Neundorfer terms and conditions
  • Patent pending

This multi-function device can be mounted horizontally or vertically in the bus duct in place of an insulator or in the transformer/rectifier (T/R) set high-voltage switch housing – no retrofitting is required. An external-mount junction box allows for easy testing and service. Its unique design also means it won’t short as easily as conventional voltage dividers, since shorts must follow the extended surface.

Voltage Divider in Bus Duct

Installation inside the bus duct, replacing existing insulators (see possible locations, left and right, near top of illustration)




To download our Feature Sheet on this product click here or use the link at the top of the page.



Compact Design Voltage Divider

The compact design Neundorfer voltage divider is intended for retrofit or replacement applications.

Compact Design Voltage Divider

  • Rugged, reliable design and construction
  • Small size for easy replacement or retrofit installation
  • Epoxy-sealed resistor elements in an encapsulated epoxy-resin assembly
  • Low-cost alternative to competitive dividers

To download our Feature Sheet on this product click here or use the link at the top of the page.