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EMR Impact Magnetic-Lift Rappers

EMR Rappers   Video: Measure & Adjust Rapper Lift Height
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EMR Rapper Lift Height Video Screenshot

Designed and engineered by Neundorfer, EMR Impact Magnetic-Lift Rappers feature a slip-on mount construction for easy installation and an integrated fiberglass guide tube and coil guide for reduced cost and extended wear capabilities.

These magnetic-lift, gravity-impact rappers keep electrostatic precipitator collecting plates and discharge electrodes cleaner, resulting in:

  • Increased precipitator power and efficiency
  • Reduced time and costs associated both installation and maintenance
  • Universal fit for any precipitator—proven to retrofit or adapt to any existing OEM design

NAVCO Pneumatic Rappers

Hopper Rapping

NAVCO Pneumatic rappers are simply the best—setting the industry standard for performance, reliability and overall dependability, delivering:

  • Better electrode and hopper cleaning than any other rapper for precipitator plates, wires, electrodes and hoppers
  • High-output compact design—perfect for difficult applications where repetitive-impact rappers are needed
  • Field-proven performance on precipitators in all climate conditions