Environmental Compliance Cost Reduction Workshop

Environmental Compliance Cost Reduction Workshop

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  • August 8, 2017 - August 9, 2017
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Join us at our offices August 8th & 9th for a workshop to explore the cost-saving opportunities within your APC systems!


  • Steve Ostanek, President Neundorfer
  • Justin Isaacs, Environmental Consultant

Join us at our offices for a workshop that will help you understand the concepts and approaches that you or your team can utilize to identify cost reduction opportunities and create practical, low cost tactics that achieve results.

Perfect for managers and performance engineers responsible for assuring air pollution control equipment operation and maintenance.  Join us in an interactive, consultative workshop designed to help you identify improvement opportunities and create strategies to reduce the operating costs of our compliance systems.

Why should you attend?

Today’s power generation landscape is one where agility and flexibility are required to meet the ever changing needs of the market.   Coal fired units are having to meet volatile market conditions caused by the increase in use of natural gas and renewable generation sources.  All the while, in order to meet more stringent environmental compliance, the upgrades to and expansion of our flue gas pollutant control systems have added a considerable amount of costs to the generation of a MW and constrained our operational flexibility.

Increasing the profitability of the coal fired generation fleet is going to be an important objective in remaining competitive.   Taking a holistic approach to identifying and implementing strategies to reduce operating costs and increasing operational flexibility is the preferred approach to the traditional “problem-solution” approach if we are able to achieve this objective.

What will you take away?

  • Identify the process variables impacting your equipment performance and what you can do to maintain consistent performance across varying conditions
  • Reduce variable operating and maintenance costs of APC equipment
  • Increase performance margin and unit operational flexibility
  • Identify your highest risk to non-compliance and how to best mitigate it
  • Learn how additives or sorbent systems can be optimized to support continuous compliance without the unintended consequences on other pollution control schemes
  • Create operational and maintenance strategies that lead to sustained compliance, reliable performance, and flexibility across different operating conditions


  • Breakfast will be offered at 8am, with the sessions beginning at 8:30am
  • Sessions will run from 8:30am – 3:00pm each day
  • The sessions also include a full lunch
  • 12 PDHs available



Venue Phone: 440-942-8990

4590 Hamann Pkwy, Willoughby, Ohio, 44094, United States

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