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Getting Naked
(no, we're not talking about clothes)

Getting Naked Book GroupNeundorfer has long taken a collaborative, partnership-focused approach to helping our utility and industrial customers find the most cost-effective, efficient means of reducing energy usage and lowering hazardous air emissions. Our unwritten rule has been that it's best to jump right in and start helping by asking questions (sometimes dumb ones) and making suggestions (regardless of whether or not we think they're viable). 

Recently, after a group of employees read Patrick Lencioni's
Getting Naked (an entertaining, insightful book about how transparent consulting generates customer loyalty), we decided to make official our informal policy of being open and vulnerable with customers. We now formally seek to "get naked" as much as possible. We believe that being open, honest, collaborators and facilitators is a much more effective way to help customers than being presenters, salespeople or "experts."

Yes, it certainly takes courage--as well as patience--to practice business this way. Sometimes, it's painful. But, results from many successful projects over the years, along with accompanying customer feedback, has convinced us it’s the only way we want to be. We've had the most fun, and achieved the most success, by collaborating with our customers rather than acting like, or allowing ourselves to be treated as, a vendor. 

Still think we're nuts? Give a call and we'll be happy to talk more about why we choose to "get naked" and why we believe focusing on what's fun and true is the most likely way to achieve success.