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The Science Behind Clean Air

A cleantech company for 35 years, Neundorfer is first and foremost a consulting company, built on extensive knowledge, practical hands-on experience and a deep understanding of our customers' process and equipment needs for power generation and other process-based, heavy industries. Neundorfer products and services are derived from actual customer needs, resulting in designed and engineered solutions for improved air pollution control performance from electrostatic precipitators and baghouses/fabric filters.
As consultants, we listen to our customers, working to understand root cause, to engineer solutions that are cost and performance effective and to implement products and services needed to improve operational performance and safety while reducing costs, energy consumption and emissions.

We embrace the cleantech philosophy as a way of doing business to improve the productive use of natural resources and greatly reduce negative ecological impact while working to help our customers achieve superior performance at lower costs. Neundorfer provides innovative solutions for every customer to improve and optimize precipitator and baghouse performance—making cleaner air for a better, more energy-independent world. 

Words from Mike Neundorfer, President and Owner:

"With every customer success, we reduce particulate air pollution and/or energy consumption, directly benefiting our customers and the environment. We strive to put our knowledge, technology and innovative resources to work not only to minimize waste and improve energy efficiency but to enable our customers and our own company to prosper.

This challenge — building business while improving the sustainability of our natural world — is an exciting opportunity for our company. We are determined to make a positive impact on the future."

News & Events

Training Is Still A Great Investment

Neundorfer offers seminars throughout the year to help develop and enhance our customers' skills and knowledge.  Up next is our regional baghouse workshop, sponsored by OPPD, on November 3rd, 2009.  Click here for more infomation. 

PUG Video Feedback

The 2009 Precipitator Users Group (PUG) was very well received. Two customers provide candid answers about the experience.

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Detroit Edison Awards Flue Gas Conditioning Project to Neundorfer, Inc. 

Neundorfer, Inc. was recently awarded a contract for four flue gas conditioning systems at DTE Energy's Trenton Channel Generating Station to enable optimization of particulate collection in electrostatic precipitators used for air pollution control.

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"We were pleased with the crew and the work.  They got on it, did what was needed in good fashion and time, and actually finished part way through the last shift.  It was the work quality and work ethic displayed in your previous work in the spring of 2007 that got Neundorfer this recently completed job.  The manner in which it was done has enhanced your reputation with AES Deepwater."  Byron Wooldridge - AES Deepwater, Inc.