Electrostatic Precipitator Outage Startup Best Practices

Electrostatic Precipitator Outage Startup Best Practices

Prior to an outage, be sure to record a set of benchmark T/R readings, and particularly for a major outage, a set of V/I curves as well. Then, plan to run a set of post-outage readings, once the unit is up and running normally, for comparison.

By recording T/R readings even for short outages, you will be able to see potential areas that need attention during this outage or the next one. You may also be able to address an issue that could have caused you to reduce process production if left unattended.

The V/I curves provide a benchmark of clearance issues in the box and show which T/R’s are functioning properly versus those that need to be addressed. V/I curves will also help show the effects of other performance factors such as coal and temperature changes.


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