Identifying Failed Pulse Jet Baghouse Diaphragm Valves

Identifying Failed Pulse Jet Baghouse Diaphragm Valves

If you operate or maintain a Pulse Jet baghouse, you know how difficult it is to identify diaphragm valves that are not functioning. Once you have found the one(s) that not operating they are relatively easy to repair, yet in the meantime, they can adversely affect bag cleaning, differential pressure and consume large quantities of valuable compressed air.

A simple but effective method to find those not functioning is to gently place a small wad of tissue paper in the exhaust port of each valve. Allow all valves to cycle through a couple of times and check to see which one(s) still have the tissue left in the exhaust port.  Once identified, it’s typically just a matter of installing a new diaphragm kit or replacing the coil or solenoid and you’re back to hitting on all valves.


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