Strategies for Improvement

Improving Your Precipitator Operation

Improvement or optimization of precipitator operation can result in significant savings. Many specific situations encourage a review of precipitator operation:

  • Deterioration of existing equipment
  • Tightening of air pollution emission regulations
  • Changes in products and/or production rates
  • Frequent forced outages
  • De-rating of production

The key areas for performance improvement are reducing re-entrainment, improving gas flow distribution, and optimizing corona power.


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Helpful Resources:

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Analysis, Optimized Maintenance Spending, Renewed Performance

Optimizing Maintenance Spending, Renewing Performance

Despite consistent maintenance and operational efforts, the precipitator's performance was limiting load. Neundorfer completed an operational review and inspection, putting together a prioritized plan that allowed the plant to optimize the maintenan ...

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"Data-driven outage work resulted in a 52% reduction in opacity"

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