T/R Set Preventative Maintenance

T/R sets play an important role in the performance of precipitators, serving as the workhorses of the process.  However, they are often neglected from preventative maintenance.  It is important to pay attention to their operations and maintenance in order to avoid future problems that impact the precipitator when it is in operation, increasing the risk of non-compliance.  One measure to add to your preventative maintenance routine is to test the T/R set oil annually after 5 years of service and document the results.  NWL, a manufacturer of T/R sets, recommends you monitor nine gases: hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, acetylene, methane, ethylene and ethane.

As T/R’s are in operation, the insulating paper begins to breakdown in the oil, moisture can infiltrate, semiconductors begin to breakdown, and the normal sparking and arcing inside the ESP cause gasses to form and dissolve in the oil.  Good proper preventative maintenance practices will assure long reliable, consistent performance from your T/R sets.   For more information, please contact us or your T/R manufacturer.

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Optimizing SO3 Systems in Multiple-Unit Plants

Duke Energy Beckjord: SO3

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"The greatest benefit is that we can now prevent emissions from ever exceeding established opacity limits, and it does not require our round-the-clock attention."

Alan Burck

Plant Engineer, Duke Energy Beckjord Station

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