Troubleshooting T/R Sets

A common question when troubleshooting precipitator problems, especially when the focus is on the high voltage control system, is whether or not the transformer-rectifier set is operating properly.

What is a transformer rectifier set? Commonly called a œT/R set, the transformer rectifier is made up of a transformer (to step up normal service voltage (V) to the required kilovolt (kV) range) and a rectifier (to convert the high AC voltage to a direct current (DC) voltage supply). The T/R set is part of the precipitator electrical circuit, which consists of the service power supply, a modern voltage controller, a current limiting reactor, the T/R set and finally, the precipitator electrodes.


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Rising from the Ashes

Holnam Cement

Following a kiln outage in early 1997, a fire destroyed four precipitators at Holnam Cement in Clarksville, Missouri. Within two days, Neundorfer and Holnam had a plan for replacing ESP components. Eighteen weeks after the fire, the rebuild was compl ...

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"The silver lining of the cloud caused by the fire is that now Holnam is able to shut off any one of the precipitator units for maintenance while continuing production, which had previously not been possible."

Emergency Repairs

Clarksville, MO

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