Baghouse / FF Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Your Baghouse Fabric Filter

Typical issues with baghouses are opacity, high differential pressure, and shorter than expected bag life.

Opacity: Typical Causes

  • Bag failure (holes, tears, unsecured bags, new bag issues)
  • Bleed-through (blinded bags, insufficient control layer from over-cleaning)
  • Improper new bag startup procedure
  • Mechanical leakage (breach, hole in tube sheet, bypass damper leakage)
  • Improper installation

High DP: Typical Causes

  • Undersized baghouse (air-to-cloth ratio)
  • Excessive can velocity
  • Malfunctioning cleaning controller
  • Insufficient cleaning energy (e.g. reverse air an, air compressor off)
  • Isolation dampers or pulse valves not operating
  • Obstruction in hopper or ductwork
  • Bags blinded and need replacing
  • Process change/upset (tube leak, SDA, sorbent, temperature

Factors Related to Bag Life

  • Particulate grain loading
  • Excessive cleaning frequency and energy
  • Incorrect bag media choice
  • Improper new bag startup
  • Incorrect pre-coat material
  • Incorrect air-to-cloth ratio
  • High can velocity
  • Frequency of startup and shut-down
  • Changes in process or system



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