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Maintaining Operations after Internal Damage to Equipment

2018-04-08 20:49:56

When an industrial steam generator experienced a major process upset and damaged their electrostatic precipitator (ESP), they could not shut down to make the necessary repairs.  Neundorfer was able to [...]

Atlanta Workshop Added

2018-02-08 19:34:36

With the four workshops this year filling up quickly, we added a fifth precipitator training — Atlanta, June 27 & 28.  We hope to see you at an upcoming workshop!

Targeting Maintenance Spending Yields Impactful Results

2017-11-17 15:28:54

Despite regular maintenance, the utility was experiencing precipitator performance issues, resulting in restricted power generation and undesirable opacity levels.  Neundorfer worked with the plant to identify the sections that were contributing [...]

NESHAP and the Challenges with Baghouses

2017-07-31 14:08:46

CEMENT – Will your Baghouse Help You Pass or Fail NESHAP Compliance Testing New NESHAP (National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants) have been in place since September 2015. Cement [...]

Check out the POS Tutorial Videos!

2017-05-24 14:42:40

Visit our KnowledgeBase page and check out the POS tutorials that we added recently.  We hope that these help you to put the system that you have into practice!

Precipitator Improvements and SmartAsh lead to Significant Improvements

2017-03-14 17:04:47

A 440MW mine mouth plant had lost capacity with its hopper evacuation system and was faced with nightly derates to maintain operations. The Rothemühle ESP, the primary particulate control equipment, had 12” [...]

Cement Plant Gains Consistent Performance with Low-Cost Precipitator Improvements

2017-03-01 21:46:39

A Midwestern cement plant needed to balance cost, outage time, and performance gains in order to make the best use of short outages to address the weak links in the [...]

NOx Emission Strategy: Optimizing Your SCR

2017-02-21 08:05:21

The updated CSAPR rule is here. The final rule became effective on December 27, 2016.  The update requires some plants lower NOx emission standards during the compliance ozone season, starting [...]

Spring Outage Planning

2017-02-16 16:10:46

Inspecting precipitators and baghouses can be a daunting process.  In an ideal world, a full equipment assessment would be executed each major outage. Even as equipment ages and performance requirements [...]

Last MVC3 Logic Board Shipped

2017-01-30 21:49:41

Today we shipped the last MVC3 logic board. The MVC3 was made obsolete by the MVC4 which began full installation in 2007.  We were able to continue to support the [...]

Keys to Sustained Performance Improvements

Midwestern Utility Precipitator Upgrade

A Midwestern utility had a problem: precipitator performance was sub-par, resulting in reduced power generation and undesirable opacity levels. Called in as a consultant, Neundorfer helped the utility identify causes and fix the problem through inter ...

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"Neundorfer was able to apply its expertise to optimize precipitator performance as well as improve monitoring and reporting capabilities. The utility has benefited with higher efficiencies and lower emissions at less cost."


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