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April 2008 Edition

April 2008 Neundorfer e-Newsletter

Molten Sulfur Tank 2

Fuel Changes Wreaking Havoc on Your ESP Performance?

If you have frequent changes in coal supply, or your plant has made the changeover to low sulfur and/or low sodium coal, you may also be experiencing increased opacity or even derates related to the performance of your electrostatic precipitator.  SO3 conditioning may just be the solution.

Fly ash resistivity increases when using low sodium or low sulfur fuels, such as PRB coal.  SO3 (or sulfur trioxide) conditioning helps achieve optimal dust resistivity and ESP performance - either molten or granular sulfur can work, depending on the application.  Whether molten or granular sulfur is used, Neundorfer offers unique technology to ensure improved performance. Our patented remote converters make it possible to:

  • Locate the sulfur skid near the sulfur storage, reducing transport hassles 
  • Place the converter near the precipitator, optimizing SO3 temperatures to avoid proble pluggage and prolong catalyst life

Contact Neundorfer at (440) 942-8990 or for more information specific to your application.

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Users Group 2007 009

Last Call:  2008 Precipitator Users' Group

Each year, the Neundorfer Precipitator Users' Group is one of our most popular training seminars, providing industry-leading presentations, hands-on workshops, case study discussions and the knowledge exchange that inevitably occurs when peers in the industry come together.  This year's training is May 20th - 22nd at the Neundorfer training facility in Willoughby, Ohio. More information is available on our web site and now you may also purchase your registration through our online store. Hurry! Registration closes on Tuesday, May 6th.

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SmartAsh News

You've heard us mention for a few months now that a SmartAsh upgrade will soon be available. We're putting the finishing touches on our new screens and expect to have the improved software available within a week or two. Need more information?

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New from Neundorfer:  Baghouse Instrumentation

Neundorfer now offers particulate monitors and differential pressure transmitters to help optimize baghouse performance. Using a unique combination of induction and protected probe technologies, our particulate monitors are for emissions monitoring, fabric filter leak detection in baghouses, and process particulate control monitoring. We also offer non-clogging pressure transmitters designed for measuring differential pressure or static pressure more accurately and reliaby than typcial tube-style transmitters.

These baghouse instruments will be available through our online store soon.

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What Issues Keep You Awake At Night?

A recent survey of utility executives explores the industry issues that keep them awake at night. Find out if you have the same challenges...or maybe others.

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Customer Survey - Precipitator Performance Software

Since we're always looking to make improvements to our ESP software, we'd like your input. Please take a minute to complete our brief survey and help us serve you better.

1. What is your involvement with electrostatic precipitators (ESPs) at your plant or company?

2. Is your role at the plant or corporate level?
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3. How often do you use your precipitator software? (Please choose the answer that is closest to your actual usage).
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4. How do you use your precipitator software?

5. What improvements do you think can be made to the functions you use?

6. What improvements could be made to the software overall?

7. Is there anything you wish the software could do, but doesn't?

8. In your opinion, what is the single most important improvement that could be made to your ESP software?

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