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February 2008 Edition

February 2008 Neundorfer e-Newsletter   

Neundorfer Launches BLOG

Neundorfer now has a blog featuring commentary and news on topics of interest in the air pollution control industry, such as state and federal emissions regulations, CO2 emissions, mercury capture, the future of coal, and others. We invite you to visit the blog and offer your own thoughts and opinions on these topics.

Is there something in particular you would like to discuss? Please let us know!

We look forward to reading your comments in our new online community.

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GLOWStream™ Leak Detection Powder Finds Baghouse Leaks Fast!

Be a "Leak Detective" - find even small leaks in fabric filter bags quickly with GLOWStream leak detection powder. Unlike other diluted powders, GLOWStream is 100% pigment and 3X more concentrated so 1 lb. treats 3,000 square feet (while 1 lb. of most other powders treats only 1,000 square feet).

Available in four highly fluorescent colors, GLOWStream leak detection powder can be purchased direclty through the Neundorfer online store.

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Customer of the Month


MVC-4 Voltage Controls:  More Power, Greater Safety

The MVC-4 voltage controls from Neundorfer are the industry's most reliable for reducing opacity and outlet emissions. No open-cabinet calibration is required - meaning operators work more safely without the risk of high-voltage flash exposure.

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SmartAsh 7.0 Is Almost Here!

Our customers talked and we listened! Customers like their SmartAsh hopper evacuation software but wanted more user-friendly screens and better information and functionality.  Neundorfer took those requests to heart and developed SmartAsh 7.0. Updated, easier-to-navigate screens, improved alarms and additional reporting options are in the works and will be available to our customers within the next month or so.

Call Neundorfer today and ask your salesperson for a presentation!

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2008 Precipitator Users' Group


We invite you to join us for this year's Precipitator Users' Group on May 20, 21 & 22, 2008 - it's a great opportunity to network and learn with your peers from other facilities!

Come learn about POS, PHMS, precipitator controls and so much more.  Find out about software & hardware to improve precipitator performance.  Discover how to reduce your opacity & improve maintenance.  All in a fun and relaxing atmosphere!

This workshop will be held at the Neundorfer facility in Willoughby, Ohio.

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Duke Energy Corporation's Allen Steam Station made the call to upgrade its granular sulfur feed system.  The SO3 feed system is vital to electrostatic precipitator performance and the emissions levels for the plant, but the existing sulfur feed system was creating significant operating inefficiencies and costs.

Plant Manager and engineer Jerry Ruc contemplated changing from a granular sulfur feed system to a molten sulfur system, but Ruc’s extensive prior experience with molten sulfur burning systems pointed to updating the granular system as the way to go. "For this type of application where low flows are desired," said Ruc, "molten sulfur is not the best solution. A liquid molten system can be made to function, but it requires several unforgiving processes that the granular approach just avoids." Ruc also cites other common problems that can occur with molten sulfur systems, including steam heating problems, sulfur leaks and higher general maintenance and operator time requirements.

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