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January 2007 Edition

Neundorfer Newsletter - January 2007

Resistivity Testing Now Offered
Dust Resistivity Testing & Predictive Performance Modeling Services

What's new at Neundorfer Neundorfer provides valuable performance prediction and improvement recommendations using accurate laboratory resistivity measurement and other precipitator, process and fuel information.

Why These Services Matter for Electrostatic Precipitator Performance……and How Neundorfer Can Help

Dust particles affect electrical conditions (such as currents and voltages) in an ESP, and therefore its performance. Because particle charging and discharging are key to collection efficiency, the resistivity (or electrical resistance) of the particles is significant. Resistivity Too Low? Resistivity Too High?

Find out how this service can help...

SmartAsh Success!

Utility Realizes Significant Improvement

Pacificorp On his drive into work at the PacifiCorp Energy Dave Johnston plant, Cole Harris used to wonder as he neared the station how the opacity on Unit 3 would look. One of three units at the plant, Unit 3 was experiencing problems staying at or below opacity limits set by the state. All three units at the station have electrostatic precipitators to control emissions and all utilize Neundorfer controls and POS software.

One of the problems with Unit 3 was that the existing system was set up to use ash-conveying blowers and 48 feeders to pull the ash from the collection hoppers. A lot of man hours were required to keep so many feeders working at peak performance and to monitor and diagnose poor performing feeders. As Harris describes it, “The system was ‘dumb’ in the sense that it was looking to detect back pressures and assumed there was no ash build up.” In reality, there was so much ash in the front row hoppers that it had bridged over and compromised the capacity and performance of the precipitator. As a result, opacity increased. Harris knew that something could be done to help the opacity and cut the workload for the mechanic maintaining the system.

Bob Wright Retires from Neundorfer
Industry Innovator Heads West to California

Bob WrightNeundorfer, Inc. has announced the retirement of Robert (Bob) Wright. Bob has been a significant contributor in the precipitator and flue-gas conditioning industry over the last 25 years, and has been with Neundorfer as technical director of flue-gas conditioning systems since the 2002 Neundorfer acquisition of patented technologies from Wilhelm Environmental Technologies where he had worked for many years.

A graduate of Oxford University in the United Kingdom with a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering, Bob has held a number of senior positions with precipitator suppliers. He has spent the last 17 years creating innovations in the application and design of flue-gas conditioning for coal-fired power plants and other industries in the United States and Europe. Many of Bob's improvements and innovations are patented.

In his time with Neundorfer, Bob has helped engineers bring systems control technology in-house as well as contributing to improvements in granular sulfur feed systems. As a primary customer contact, he has supported the design, production and startup of numerous innovative Neundorfer products and systems.

Bob has exemplified the added value customers have come to expect from Neundorfer, with innovations and professional engineering in flue-gas conditioning systems. In the spirit of Bob’s contributions, Neundorfer continues to pioneer precipitator system improvements.

With Bob's departure, Neundorfer has made available many other resources to help with the design, fabrication, installation and support of precipitator and flue-gas conditioning systems.

Learn more about flue gas conditioning..

Neundorfer Goes Even More "Green"

recycleNicki Simcox had been with Neundorfer for only a few months when she had a great idea. She saw that Neundorfer was already an environmentally conscious company—ranging from Neundorfer products & services for bettering the environment to the newly constructed “green” facilities and now to a paperless Neundorfer e-News newsletter (this is the first issue)—and she wanted to help the company do even more.

Nicki took it upon herself to research paper recycling programs and discovered some interesting facts:
  • Each year, Americans throw away enough office and writing paper to build a 12-foot-high wall stretching from New York City to Los Angeles
  • Every day, American businesses generate enough paper to circle the earth 20 times
As a result, Nicki put together a presentation recommending that Neundorfer adopt a paper recycling initiative. When this topic had come up in the past, Neundorfer had been dissuaded as being “too small to make a difference.” This time...

2007 POS Users' Group Meeting
Register Now...Get a Free Gift!

Don't forget to register for the 2007 Precipitator Optimization System (POS) Users' Group meeting! The seminar will be held from May 22 - 24, 2007 at the Neundorfer facilities. Topics will include interactive product training, troubleshooting workshops and new technology demonstrations. With paid registration by April 10th, participants will receive a free baseball cap!

Our Customers Keep Us Busier Than Ever!

Our customers have been good to us in Fall 2006. As a result of unprecedented customer orders, Neundorfer, Inc. has the largest business surge in our company history. The timing couldn’t have been better, since we have been building increased capacity over the last 18 months.
Over this time period, Neundorfer has enhanced our project management skills and resources, doubled the size of our electrical and mechanical production facilities, organized our production for a more lean operation and filled several technical and operations staff positions.

Troubleshooting T/R Sets
Find (and Solve) Problems

T/R Sets and Linear ReactorsA common question when troubleshooting precipitator problems, especially when the focus is on the high voltage control system, is whether or not the transformer-rectifier set is operating properly.

What is a transformer rectifier set? Commonly called a “T/R set,” the transformer rectifier is made up of a transformer (to step up normal service voltage (V) to the required kilovolt (kV) range) and a rectifier (to convert the high AC voltage to a direct current (DC) voltage supply). The T/R set is part of the precipitator electrical circuit (see schematic) which consists of the service power supply, a modern voltage controller, a current limiting reactor, the T/R set and finally, the precipitator electrodes.

Neundorfer Web Site Updates
Always Improving...

Visit and you’ll find we’ve have made some subtle, but important enhancements (something we plan to do on a regular basis).

Because we value our customers and their right to privacy, we have added a Privacy Policy to our site. It is never our intention to disclose information about our customers, and we felt it was important to confirm this on our web site. Of course, any customer input about our policy is always appreciated.

A new and simple-to-use Shipment Routing tool has also been added to the site. Neundorfer customers and vendors who wish to ship something to our facility can now select the best carrier from their location very easily using this tool.

Over the last few months, we introduced two new and exciting products—the MVC-4 voltage control hardware and the Precipitator Optimization System (POS) Version 7.0 software —so we created new web content to announce and explain these innovations. These two new products represent significant advancements resulting from customer input for optimizing precipitator performance.

Neundorfer is now offering dust resistivity testing services and we have dedicated a new page with more information about this service and the benefits to our customers. Resistivity testing can be performed on many types of dust. Please visit the new page for details on how to obtain a customized analysis.

Stayed tuned for further enhancements to the Neundorfer site—we’ll keep you posted!

Taking In Africa...and Conquering Mt. Kilimanjaro

Taking in Africa In August 2006, my wife Marcia and I traveled with our Irish friends, Harry and Mary Lorton, to East Africa. We had arranged some time ago to join a safari organized by the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. After making those arrangements, I received an e-mail from Harry asking if I might be interested in adding a week to the trip and climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. I immediately said yes…and Marcia immediately said no!

Harry and I traveled to northern Tanzania in early August and spent six days climbing the 19,600-foot mountain. There were five of us on the climb, plus a guide and porters. Three of our group was from Germany—we were a compatible group and all made it to the summit. The view of the summit glacier lit pink by the rising sun and the clouds 10,000 feet below us was spectacular. The climb was not all that technical, but the lack of oxygen definitely made it a challenge.

Marcia and Mary joined us after we returned from the climb, and we spent several days touring the reserves of Tanzania and viewing spectacular animals. We finished the trip with a few days resting on the beaches in Zanzibar and a night in Amsterdam.

Mt. Kili

The highlights of the trip were the summit view from Kili, the time Harry and I spent walking through the villages at the base of the mountain trying to communicate with the local Tanzanians in our very limited Swahili, and the beauty of the countryside and the people we traveled with and met along the way.

The Africa we experienced was a powerful exposure to people who live day-to-day in a primitive environment with few services (like running water and basic health care). It created for me a powerful desire to help and a profound question of how and what can be done.

—Mike Neundorfer

Regional Operations Managers Introduced
New Team Positions

Regional Operations Managers Introduced Neundorfer continues to sharpen our focus on our customers. A recent initiative was the creation of three Regional Operations Managers (or ROMs), each of whom manages sales orders for customers in their geographical regions from start to finish, with the goals of improving timing, communication and, ultimately, the customer relationship.

The three ROMs, responsible for managing the work flow from their respective teams, are as follows:

Halle Rose – Team N
Nicki Simcox – Team P
Everest Besa – Team K

(In case you’re wondering, the team initials stand for Neundorfer Precipitator Knowledge).

Each of the Regional Operations Managers reports to Kristy Kerek, Operations Manager. Please read the related article in this issue about Kristy, Everest and two other new Neundorfer people.

New People at Neundorfer

Kristy KerekKristy Kerek joined Neundorfer in August 2006 and acts as Operations Manager. Overseeing the Regional Operations Managers (ROMs), Kristy manages production and resource allocation with an eye to improving production capacity, reducing costs and increasing velocity for Neundorfer. She maintains communication with customers on project scope, needs and scheduling. Kristy is also charged with improving internal communications. In her short tenure with Neundorfer, she has established monthly staff meetings as well as a monthly employee newsletter—dubbed The Rapper—both intended to provide regular, consistent information and help employees “get on the same page.”

Kristy earned her B.A. degree from Denison University with a concentration in Spanish and a minor in Education. From there, she went on to obtain a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Kansas University. Her past work experience includes more than five years in the City of Cleveland government, defining policies and procedures, and then nearly eight years as a human resources manager in the healthcare sector, overseeing 500+ employees and five facilities.

When Kristy isn’t hard at work at Neundorfer, she enjoys spending time with her husband, hiking and running, as well as coaching eight-grade girls’ basketball at a local middle school. Asked what she likes most about her position with Neundorfer, Kristy said, “I enjoy the people here and solving the puzzle of the best allocation of resources.”

Everest Besa Originally from Zambia, Everest Besa came to Neundorfer in November 2006 as one of the new Regional Operations Managers, working with Team K. Prior to joining Neundorfer, Everest worked and traveled extensively for several years with the Zambia Department of the Treasury. After another two years working in Chicago with an accounting firm, Everest came to Cleveland where he worked since 2002 as a healthcare administrator. Excited about his new role with Neundorfer, Everest said, “I’m looking forward to the accounting and customer focus.”

Everest has an extensive educational background, with a diploma in accounting first from the University of Zambia and then from Evelyn Hunt College, also in Zambia. When he arrived in the U.S., Everest attended Cuyahoga Community College to obtain an Associates’ Degree in business management, and is currently working on his degree in General Business and Accounting at Cleveland State University.

Everest is married, with two young daughters, and enjoys going for picnics (except during Cleveland winters) and traveling around the United States.

Russ BaileyRuss Bailey worked for Neundorfer nearly 15 years ago as a construction manager and technical advisor and returned in October 2006 to work as a field service representative. Russ started his career with power companies, installing and maintaining electrostatic precipitators. After his initial work with Neundorfer in the late 80’s and early 90’s, he continued his focus on mechanical and electrical aspects of precipitator operations, construction and rebuilds as an applications engineer and technical advisor. He finds troubleshooting and resolving problems for customers to be the most gratifying part of his work with Neundorfer.

Russ attended electrical school for four years and has been a member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. He has also previously owned and operated his own automobile repair center. He describes himself as an automobile collector who enjoys “hands-on” work. Russ also has a private pilot’s license with an instrument rating and his hobbies include boating and RVing. He is also an avid, self-taught computer user.

Erika WilliamsErika Williams also joined Neundorfer in 2006, working part-time as an Administrative Assistant. She provides general administrative support, including filing and updating procedures. First and foremost, she is usually the professional voice who answers the phone for Neundorfer. She says the best part of her job is working with all the great people at Neundorfer.

Life outside Neundorfer is very full too as Erika is a freshman at Cleveland State University, intending to major in business. Between working, attending school and cheerleading for CSU, she has a busy life!