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July 2008 Edition

Precipitator Users’ Group a Huge Success

By: Aaron Smith

This year, the annual Neundorfer Precipitator Users’ Group seminar was held May 20th through 22nd at the company headquarters in Willoughby, Ohio. There were 19 attendees from plants all over the U.S. and Canada as well as two guest speakers, Ralph Altman of EPRI and Bob Vaughn of Calgon Carbon Corporation. The seminar was broken down into several different categories in order to provide as much information as possible. There were group and panel discussions as well as hands-on case studies and drilldown sessions. Topics covered this year included ESP basics and optimization, ash handling, flue gas conditioning and controls hardware.

Here are some snapshots of this year’s awesome event:


2008 PUG Pitures 2008-05-20 14-22-46_0006 680-510

Guest Speaker Ralph altman speaks about flue gas flow.


Precipitator Users Group 2008 006 680

Mike Neundorfer diagrams a precipitator




Precipitator Users Group 2008 group shot 2

Neundorfer employees and seminar attendees pose for a picture at the downtown Cleveland high-tech bowling alley and eatery, "Corner Alley."


Precipitator Users Group 2008 134 680

David Deckard, James Leach, Jason Conn, and Ray Craven visit Todd Redenshek and Zsuzsanna Toth at their voltage controls and rappers kiosk.

Precipitator Users Group 2008 032 680

Carlo Chico discusses Neundorfer MVC Controls.



           Here are some of the positive customer reactions to this year’s Precipitator Users’ Group:
"I found the material presented and the networking and contacts made to be very valuable."
                                                                                                     -Mike Gregorchik, Reliant Energy
"I feel it was a great experience, because of the vast majority of people that came together to share their ideas and experiences."
                                                                                                                                                        -Jeremy Noble, Dayton Power
"It was well planned, well executed, and all of the attendees got a lot out of it."
                                                                                          -Ralph Altman, EPRI
"It was an excellent seminar for gaining understanding of Precipitator Fundamentals, developing troubleshooting skills,
and group discussions around challenges in the industry."                                                              - Ian Jefferson, Carmeuse Lime

For more information on Neundorfer seminars, products and services, visit






SmartAsh Logo

SmartAsh 7.0 Has Arrived!

Neundorfer introduces SmartAsh 7.0, the next generation of software for optimizing ash collection and flows for electrostatic precipitators and baghouses.  The SmartAsh 7.0 system notches up hopper evacuation performance with these improvements:
• Enhanced, more realistic screens for better, clearer interpretation of equipment performance
• Easier, more intuitive navigation and restructured data for faster   access, analysis and operation
• Essential functionality for dynamically monitoring, diagnosing and optimizing ash collection (without physical equipment walkarounds)

As with earlier versions, the SmartAsh 7.0 software makes it possible to avoid high hopper ash problems—reducing costs, maintenance and downtime.  Essentially, the SmartAsh system makes hopper level sensors obsolete, eliminating the need for these expensive to install and maintain components.  Building on patented, one-of-a-kind technology, SmartAsh 7.0 software uses proprietary Neundorfer algorithms to optimize ash collection system performance. Connected to a PLC or DCS, the SmartAsh system provides complete ash evacuation system controls integration.

Call Neundorfer at (440) 942-8990 to ask a salesperson about a SmartAsh justification for your plant.  See a  video demonstration.





Contract For State-Of-The-Art Flue Gas Conditioning System Awarded To Neundorfer, Inc.

Neundorfer, Inc. was recently awarded a multi-million dollar contract from American Electric Power (AEP) of Columbus, Ohio, one of the nation's largest producers of electricity, to supply three (3) Flue Gas Conditioning systems. The systems will be installed on AEP’s generating units located at its Clinch River Generating Station in Cleveland, Virginia, to help optimize performance of electrostatic precipitators used for air pollution control.

The three new systems incorporate many of the patented Neundorfer technologies that provide reliable, safe and effective operation, including the use of granular (formed) sulfur. These granular systems will replace an existing system that uses molten sulfur as feedstock.

Neundorfer is providing equipment design engineering, manufacturing and technical support services for the project. "Neundorfer is excited about working with American Electric Power and being part of their emissions control strategy," said Steven Ostanek, Vice President Sales & Marketing. "Our technology is a good fit for their application."

As a cleantech company for 35 years, Neundorfer designs, engineers and services knowledge-based products for customers in utilities and other heavy industries throughout North America with electrostatic precipitators and baghouse/fabric filter air pollution control equipment, helping to achieve better operational performance while reducing costs, energy consumption and pollution. Neundorfer applies knowledge and expertise to help customers increase efficiency and safety while reducing costs and emissions.

American Electric Power is one of the largest electric utilities in the United States, delivering electricity to more than 5 million customers in 11 states. AEP ranks among the nation’s largest generators of electricity, owning nearly 38,000 megawatts of generating capacity in the U.S. AEP also owns the nation’s largest electricity transmission system, a nearly 39,000-mile network that includes more 765-kilovolt, extra-high voltage transmission lines than all other U.S. transmission systems combined. AEP’s transmission system directly or indirectly serves about 10 percent of the electricity demand in the Eastern Interconnection, the interconnected transmission system that covers 38 eastern and central U.S. states and eastern Canada, and approximately 11 percent of the electricity demand in ERCOT, the transmission system that covers much of Texas. AEP is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.

For additional information about Neundorfer flue gas conditioning systems or other products and services, visit our web site at .  You can contact us at (440) 942-8990 or





Neundorfer Welcomes More Interns for 2008

For the summer of 2008, Neundorfer has welcomed five interns at the facility in Willoughby, Ohio and two at their facility in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.   Kristy Kerek, Operations Manager, began  the Neundorfer internship and recruiting program in 2007 with  four Engineering interns: Pat Horvath, Eric Sukalac, Ed Steinke in Willoughby and Sam Flener in Hopkinsville.  We are proud to announce that Pat and Eric graduated and accepted fulltime positions with Neundorfer while Ed is returning as an intern during his final collegiate summer.

The motivation behind this program is to find great talent in both Northeast Ohio and Kentucky as well as to give college students exposure to the air pollution control arena.  "There is not a lot of knowledge about what we do or about the industry. Recruiting college students introduces them to the industry and hopefully keeps them for the longterm,"  Kristy remarked.

Kristy is a member of the Corporate Advisory Board for the Masters in Engineering Management Program at Case Western Reserve University. As members provide input as to what the program should include, Kristy brings to the table what Neundorfer seeks in an Engineering candidate.

Mike Neundorfer is happy with the enhancement of this program and the benefits it brings to the team:
 "Having young enthusiastic people with new ideas gives the place a new energy.  I hope the interns have a broadening experience.  I have seen a lot of mentoring going on and we can all be proud of that."

2007 Intern Class

Ed S 600Ed Steinke will be a senior at Ohio University this fall.  He will graduate in the spring of 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.  Ed is working on developing a new rapper.  He really enjoyed visiting his first plant last December and was amazed by the size and operation of the plant.  Ed also enjoys snowboarding, baseball, soccer and creating electronic projects.


Eric SukalacEric Sukalac is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering.  Eric joined Neundorfer in May of 2008 and is currently focusing his efforts on the Precipitator Health Maintenance System.  Eric enjoys fishing, writing music and playing guitar in a local band called Davenport.  Eric joins a small group of musicians here at Neundorfer, and guys…we are waiting for a concert one of these days.    Welcome Eric.



Pat HorvathPat Horvath is a graduate of Cleveland State University with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (2007) as well as a graduate of Case Western Reserve University with a Masters of Engineering and Management (2008).   Pat joined Neundorfer in May of 2008 as a Mechanical Engineer and has become instrumental in advancing Neundorfer’s newest business segment, APCO.   Pat also enjoys snowboarding, motocross, mountain biking, jet skiing, ATV’s and working on cars.  Join us in welcoming Pat to the Neundorfer family.



Sam FlenerSam Flener will be a sophomore in the Commercial Pilot program at LaTourneau University in Texas.  This is Sam's third summer with APCO.  He helps in all phases of building models.  Sam enjoys playing video games and sailing.




2008 Intern Class

AaronAaron Smith is going into his Senior year at Notre Dame College in Ohio where he is majoring in communications.   Aaron is interning in the Marketing segment of Neundorfer.  Aaron is excited to be able to put his knowledge to work in a practical environment.  He is driven by the confidence everyone has in him, "I am given a project with the belief that it will be done correctly and promptly."




Alan 600Alan Sotak joined Neundorfer as an intern in May of 2008.  Alan is going into his Junior year at Miami of Ohio majoring in Mechanical Engineering.  Alan stated "It is very exciting to be able to get hands-on experience.  Taking it from the classroom and actually putting it to use is amazing."




Brittany SchreflerBrittany Schrefler is our youngest intern.  She recently graduated from South High School in Willoughby, Ohio.  Brittany will enter Ohio State University Honors College in the fall, majoring in engineering.  Brittany is energetic and fun to work with.  Brittany enjoys reading, making jewelry, and learning Spanish.  Future goals for Brittany include earning her masters in Biomedical Engineering and working in research or industry. 




Josh LockwoodJosh Lockwood is majoring in Marketing at Ohio University where he will enter his sophomore year in the fall.  Josh appreciates being in this environment at such a young age.  He has said, "I learn something new more than daily….. I never heard of a precipitator before; now I have seen one from all angles."   Josh is spread all around the company.  He is helping in the shop, assisting with the implementation of new software and contributing to the support of marketing.  "I am enjoying learning how a business runs and how marketing fits into the whole," Josh remarked.




Josh F copyJosh Fitzhugh is going into his senior year at Murray State University and will graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Engineering Graphics and Design.  Josh is a CAD and model design engineer at APCO, the Neundorfer facility in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.  He creates a computer generated 3D model of the precipitator and assists with building of the scaled model from the computer model.  Josh appreciates being involved in both processes, as he sees that one process helps in the understanding of the other.  In his time away from the computer Josh enjoys Motocross. 

 For more information about our internship program contact Kristy Kerek at 440-942-8990 or





Connie Tuttle’s Contribution to Neundorfer
By Josh Lockwood

In May 2008 Neundorfer associates from present and past gathered to honor the long-time Vice President of Operations for Neundorfer, Connie Tuttle, who retired in January 2008.  Members from the Neundorfer team that were fortunate Connie Tuttleenough to work with Connie knew that she was much more than just another employee at Neundorfer. 

Employees at Neundorfer who were asked to describe Connie said, "She was a trustworthy listener" and "She was the best manager I personally have ever worked with."  Connie once told Terry Cline, that she thought of her coworkers as brothers and sisters.  She always found time to help and always seemed to have an answer to every problem.  Jean Ockuly, who worked with Connie for 15 years said, "I miss that person to talk with and I miss her knowledge of what’s going on."  It is clear that Connie’s success came from her determination and her old-fashioned work ethic that focused on the common good no matter what was going on outside of the office.

Connie did not just happen to fall into her success overnight.  She began as a part-time worker at Neundorfer while taking care of her son, Jeff.  She did just about every job imaginable.  She worked in production, strategic planning, sales, scheduling field service, shipping and receiving, and she even did some janitorial work.  You name it; she probably did it at some point in her 25 years at Neundorfer.  Her busy schedule did not end on Fridays.  She took weekend classes at Hiram College where she earned a Bachelors degree in Communications.  She always brought her determination to work everyday.  Connie was willing to do anything that would help Neundorfer succeed and she truly became the gold standard for Neundorfer employees.  There is no doubt that her time at Neundorfer will always have a lasting impact on the company’s success.

Since Connie retired, she has been able to do the things she enjoys most, gardening, decorating her home and going to antique auctions and craft shows.  Connie loves spending time with her family and friends, particularly traveling to Georgia and New York for visits.  She admits that the transition from a fulltime job to retirement has taken her awhile to get used to.  The thing she misses the most about Neundorfer is all of her wonderful colleagues.  She also misses the daily challenges and learning experiences that she was exposed to while at Neundorfer.  Although Connie seemed like a "coach" to many of her coworkers, Connie says she learned as much from them as they did from her.  Connie Tuttle has been an inspiration to all of us at Neundorfer. 






Mike McNabb: Celebrate and Remember

By Aaron Smith

mcnabb edited copy

Long-time friend and employee Mike McNabb was remembered in a touching memorial service at the Neundorfer headquarters this month. McNabb, a senior Mechanical Engineer, suffered a massive stroke and passed late last year on December 17, 2007. He is survived by his wife Denise, his son Michael, and his daughter Jennifer. mike mcnabb

Mike’s family and the entire Neundorfer staff gathered together to share their memories of Mike as someone we find rare today - a great worker and friend. Mike was hardworking and willing to offer help while remaining humble. Mike was also a loyal friend and someone well-liked around the office. For those who knew Mike during his time here and to the people who may not have known him at all, the memorial service was an equally touching experience that made it clear he is someone who is dearly missed.





Hot Topics

What if operation is spark limited all the time, what are the long term implications?

Answer by Jeremy Timmons

"In general, sparking is not harmful to ESP operation or performance.  In fact, modern ESP voltage controls use sparking as a gauge for maximizing the applied voltage in the collecting fields.  This provides maximum ESP collection efficiencies.  The controls can sense a spark and extinguish (quench) it before any damage occurs.    Optimal spark rates for specific ESPs and/or bus sections can be determined through an evaluation of voltage control data, ESP design and the process stream."  

Jeremy TimmonsJeremy has been with Neundorfer since 1999. He is a graduate of Ohio University with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and a minor in General Business.  Jeremy assists customers with precipitator performance issues through a wide range of consulting efforts.  He is also involved in the flue gas conditioning system design and integration, flow modeling and most research and development projects.