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March 2007 Edition

Welcome to our paperless e-newsletter, designed to inform and educate about optimized electrostatic precipitator performance!

Don't Forget! The 2007 POS Users' Group Meeting will be held at the Neundorfer facilities on May 22nd thru May 24th. Paid registrants by April 10th receive a free baseball cap! Get details about the meeting.

Case Study: Optimizing SO3 Systems in Multiple-Unit Plants

The Duke Energy W.C. Beckjord Power Plant, located in New Richmond, Ohio approximately 20 miles east of Cincinnati, is an 862-megawatt rated utility power plant with six coal-fired units each equipped with electrostatic precipitator systems.

Duke Energy PlantThe first four units each have a Wahlco molten-sulfur flue-gas conditioning system to provide SO3 conditioning for proper precipitator operation. Neundorfer, Inc. is assisting with the installation of SO3 flue gas conditioning systems on the two remaining units—one new SO3 system from Neundorfer for Unit 6 and a refurbished system from another plant for Unit 5. Read the rest of the story.

Neundorfer also offers resistivity testing services. Refer to our rate sheet for a list of services and pricing.

Case Study: MVC-4 and POS 7.0 Upgrade at Reliant Energy's Cheswick Plant

Cheswick is a single-unit, coal-fired electric generation station for Reliant Energy located on an 82-acre site in Springdale, Pennsylvania, approximately 18 miles northeast of Pittsburgh. Cheswick, which began commercial operation in 1970, operates as a baseload facility and has a net demonstrated capacity of 580 megawatts. Get the whole story.



Troubleshooting Tip: Wire Failures

Common wire failures in discharge electrode systems can be a very serious problem with the potential to force the shutdown of a precipitator’s complete electrical field. Common causes of wire failures include:

  • Warped plates that change the wire-to-plate distance
  • Overvoltage
  • Metal fatigue
  • Chemical attack
  • Mechanical failure
  • Eroded wire frames
  • Full hoppers
  • Improper weight sizes
  • Oscillation
  • Swinging lower wire frames
  • Corrosion
  • Improper rapping

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Matt Quirk Joins Neundorfer Team

Matt Quirk_loresIn February 2007, Matt Quirk came to Neundorfer as the Regional Account Manager for Team K, focusing on account management and new business development primarily in Midwestern states in the U.S. and in central parts of Canada. If the last name Quirk sounds a bit familiar, Matt is the brother of Dan Quirk, CAD designer for Neundorfer for almost 11 years.

Prior to joining Neundorfer, Matt worked directly out of college in the healthcare industry for nearly five years and then went to work for Novis Marine, a manufacturer of premium-quality production sailboats for the last 10 years. At Novis, Matt initially started in manufacturing and operations positions, and then took a one-year sabbatical to act as operations manager for a startup company in North Carolina focused on boat-racing technologies. “That year was like earning my master’s degree in boat-building,” Matt said. When he returned to Novis, he first took a position in marketing for the company’s aftermarket sales division and then was promoted to a brand management role for the company’s Tartan model line before the move to Neundorfer.

Matt earned his Bachelor of Science degree with a concentration in business management from Lake Erie College. Currently, he is working on his Master’s in Business Administration there as well. Matt lives in Cleveland with his wife and 7-year-old daughter. When he’s not working or going to school, Matt enjoys being active in his church and his daughter’s school as well as sailing with his family in the warmer months in Northeast Ohio.

Asked what is most exciting about his new position with Neundorfer, Matt said, “I’m looking forward to learning about our customers and gaining strong product knowledge so I can provide high value to Team K and the customers we serve.”

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