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asset-lifecycle-management-p-imageWe can help you in any step of the asset management cycle. We have supported customers in identifying profit opportunities, monitoring and optimizing asset performance, capital planning and budgeting, and constructing, servicing, maintaining and upgrading equipment. Most important: We don't look at these tactics in a silo, which means that you realize the most potential from your planning and implementation. By combining industry knowledge, technical expertise, business strategy and creativity we are able to create solutions and realize benefits that you didn't know were possible.

We listen. We want to understand your situation, your challenges, and your objectives. We don't have a standard solution, because you don't have a “standard” plant. We use our consultative process to understand your unique situation — economic drivers, process variables, objectives, regulations and equipment, so you realize the biggest value from your assets throughout their lifecycle.

Asset Lifecycle Management Solutions Include:

Process Analysis & Optimization

Our consultative process focuses on all of your equipment, industrial process and variables to look for opportunities to improve performance, reduce energy consumption and improve reliability.

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Asset Planning

We seek to understand your situation, equipment, challenges and objectives so we can help you plan in a way that adds value to your organization.

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Performance-Based Maintenance

With limited funds and tight regulations, it is important that your maintenance activities focus on the tactics that will have the biggest impact on performance, emissions and reliability.

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Emissions Compliance Planning & Management

Current emissions regulations mean we have to stay ahead of upsets and proactively manage compliance. We can help you create operational strategies to maintain compliance, improve equipment reliability and performance, or upgrade your equipment to meet the new standards.

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Remote Asset Health Monitoring & Support

Staying in compliance means quickly reacting to issues and staying ahead of upsets. Remote operational reviews, performance feedback, and troubleshooting assistance can help your staff stay ahead of issues.

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Predictive Modeling

Our consultative process includes predictive modeling, gas flow and fluid dynamics modeling, and connecting the modeling process with performance projections. This gives you critical insights into what to do and what impact it will have.

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Reliable, More Effective Granular Sulfur Feeder

Duke Energy

When Duke Energy's Allen Steam Station started upgrades to the granular sulfur feed system for three of its units, the utility partnered with Neundorfer to reduce emissions and improve reliability. ...

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"We've spent $0 in maintenance and no downtime attributed to the sulfur feed system since the improvements were made on each unit."

Jerry Ruc

Plant Engineer, Duke Energy Allen Station

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