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Asset planning should be an integrated approach, based on thorough planning, analysis and timely execution. Taking a broad look at the data available from a technical, financial, operational and production perspective leads to holistic, data-driven decision-making. With over 40 years of experience designing and implementing solutions, Neundorfer has a wealth of practical knowledge that is integrated into our process. We are able to model the cost and compliance impacts of individual decisions as well as different combinations of decisions to help you create a path forward that gets you the results you need at the lowest cost.

This holistic approach doesn’t stop at the planning phase. We know where tactics can get separated from intent and what that separation can end up costing you. Our goal is to maintain the intent behind these decisions throughout the process and across time so you realize the both the short-term and the long-term benefits.

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What We Do

We have experience in:

  • Asset planning, analysis and execution
  • Creating and implementing operating and maintenance strategies to optimize environmental compliance and production capacity
  • Creating workforce development strategies and designing and implementing training plans
  • Monitoring equipment health and performance trends to create maintenance and operating plans
  • Using scenario planning to create and evaluate flexible long-term plans
  • Developing and analyzing operating scenarios, process improvements and equipment upgrades in terms of both performance projections and cost

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  • Meeting NESHAP Rules Through Collaboration and Analysis
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  • Low Emitter Status Achieved with Low-Cost Effort
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  • Creative Approach, Thoughtful Analysis Saves Two Coal Plants
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Creative Approach, Thoughtful Analysis Saves Two Coal Plants

Power producer, Emissions Compliance Success Story

When the plant's initial assessment indicated MATS compliance would require high-cost upgrades, the future of two plants was uncertain. By modeling improvements over the entire process, Neundorfer identified a low-cost compliance program that would ...

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"Neundorfer combined its analytical process with its application experience to identify low-cost approaches that would achieve MATS compliance."

Midwestern Coal-Fired Utility

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