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Planned and unplanned maintenance activities should be tied to achieving the largest performance impact at the lowest cost. Achieving this means that you are using data to direct activities, keeping thorough documentation to stay ahead of reliability and equipment degradation issues, and are only completing maintenance work that will improve the performance, capacity, and reliability of your units. This helps you put your time and financial resources to work, reducing maintenance costs, planning and prioritizing capital improvements, and reducing the risk of environmental non-compliance. All of this reduces the total lifecycle cost of your air pollution control equipment.

Trending performance can allow for the best use of short, unplanned outages because you know if you should plan any inspection or maintenance activities and if you do, where, what, and how.

With over forty years of experience in reducing the operating and maintenance costs of equipment, we have a wealth of practical knowledge and technology that can be applied to reducing your maintenance costs. Our technical resources know the time, cost, and performance impacts of equipment repairs and maintenance. We are able to help you create strategies that optimize your maintenance resources, reduce downtime schedules, and create processes and procedures that are aligned with performance-based maintenance practices.

The key elements of our process include:

  • Utilizing performance data
  • Drawing on experiential knowledge
  • Prioritizing based on the cost, timeframe, performance impacts of repairs, and reliability concerns

The result is reduced costs, improved capacity, and consistent environmental compliance.

What We Do

Inspections and maintenance work should be planned based on operating trends, production requirements, environmental compliance, and identified reliability concerns. You have limited time and resources to maintain equipment, we can help you prioritize.

We have supported customers before, during, and after outages by helping them:

  • Stay ahead of maintenance activities through planning and prioritization
    • We can help you create and implement operating and maintenance strategies that improve production capacity and environmental compliance
    • We offer remote consulting services that can help you manage the data you have available and create plans for short and long outages
    • We can help you create consistent and standard maintenance practices at single or multiple locations
  • Perform on-line and off-line equipment assessments and inspections
  • Optimize outage schedules and budgets with real-time feedback
    • We offer technical direction for maintenance and repairs, can supply a crew to perform the work, or even manage your outage
  • Manage scheduled and unscheduled downtime and outages to complete maintenance work that will have the largest impact on performance and reliability – we call this performance-based maintenance

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