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Understanding your processes and equipment is foundational to our approach. We listen differently. We want to understand your situation, challenges and objectives.

We begin with a performance assessment, root cause analysis or compliance review to understand what problems or opportunities for improvement exist, and your compliance, reliability and production goals. Our propriety software is used to model situations, process improvements and performance improvements. Our objective is to provide you with the most cost-effective improvement strategies that meet your needs, whether they are performance, economic or production driven.

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Neundorfer is not a typical consulting firm. We provide you with comprehensive, quantitative and actionable information that is created from the powerful combination of experiential knowledge, broad technical knowledge and a strong analytical process. We deliver the tools you need to make informed decisions about equipment capital, maintenance, operations and fuel or process changes so you can stay focused on your objectives.

Whether you are looking to reduce costs, reduce energy consumption, optimize performance, reduce emissions or improve safety, reliability or efficiency, our process will support your analysis and decisions. Our process incorporates many of our services, our broad cross-discipline KnowledgeBase and our modeling capabilities.


We excel at finding the low-hanging fruit that yields the greatest benefits. Through our thorough technical analysis, we know what results to expect from any individual tactic or combination of tactics. We can apply this process across your plant while employing our comprehensive KnowledgeBase, modeling and analytical capabilities.

We consistently meet or exceed our customers’ performance expectations. Give us a call. We are happy to share the output of this process with you.

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Smart Use of Data Improves Diagnostics, Optimizes Performance

Big Data at Paper Mill

Chronic operating issues and costly technical support was plaguing a southern paper mill. There had to be a better way. By analyzing data and using modeling to generate insights into performance-based maintenance and operational strategies, Neundor ...

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"Neundorfer was able to monitor performance and equipment operations, analyze the data to find correlations, and create focused actions for troubleshooting and optimization."

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