Smarter Hopper Evacuation Systems. Improved Diagnostics. Lower Maintenance Costs.

Evacuation systems are key to effective precipitator and baghouse performance and reliability. Improvements to system design, functionality, and capacity can be achieved without expensive equipment modifications. Operating and maintenance costs can be drastically lowered by providing better information and reducing needless wear and tear on systems.

Intelligent hopper evacuation systems can lead to the quick identification of component failures, allow for the functionality of the system to be connected with collection patterns, and reduce the risk of high hoppers and the associated emissions implications and mechanical damage. Neundorfer is able to recommend improvements to existing hoppers, including the supply of replacement hoppers, rebuild existing hoppers, and supply replacement components for hopper heating and removal. We offer reliable and low maintenance rappers and vibrators to facilitate ash and dust flow out of the hopper, eliminating hopper pluggage.


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We also offer PLC installation or integration to improve the ash handling system as well as our patented SmartAsh software to improve the monitoring and functionality of the hopper evacuation system. We are able to design a new control system, either supplying a new PLC or making changes to the current system, or simply provide the software system to monitor dust flow and collection trends to avoid high hoppers, improve equipment performance, and reduce operational and maintenance costs.


The new SmartAsh 7.0 software builds on patented, innovative Neundorfer technology to monitor ash flow and collection trends and to optimize hopper evacuation sequencing. The SmartAsh management system, working in concert with a PLC or DCS, provides complete ash evacuation system control integration. The SmartAsh is a proactive system that works to avoid high hoppers, improve precipitator and equipment performance, optimize hopper evacuation trends, and reduce costs. This means that you have fewer load restrictions, fewer opacity excursions, and reduced system wear and energy use.

When fully implemented with improved PLC control functionality, you can realize reductions in operating costs, improve maintenance, and shorten troubleshooting. SmartAsh can eliminate your need for high hopper level sensors, increase the capacity of your existing system, eliminate the exposure of personnel to potentially hazardous situations, and improve diagnostics for precipitator operations.

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SmartAsh Case Study

SmartAsh Case Study

A large power generation plant needed to improve its fly ash evacuation system and turned to Neundorfer. The system, serving 20 hoppers on three separate precipitators, was upgraded without requiring an outage. ...

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"We now have a lot more information about the system and its operation, allowing us to solve problems more quickly and operate more efficiently."

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