Longer Bag Life. Lower Operating Costs. More Effective Troubleshooting.

It is not uncommon to experience significantly less bag life than expected. Shortened bag life can be attributed to start-up procedures, cleaning process, temperature, air-to-cloth ratio, and the compatibility of the bag media with the gas stream chemistry. This can lead to higher operating and maintenance costs than expected.

High operating and maintenance costs do not have to be the norm. Opportunities to reduce operating costs (ID Fan power, compressed air) exist and are waiting to be identified.

We can help you address these challenges through our intelligent baghouse cleaning system, performance based maintenance, and predictive modeling capabilities. We also offer products and tools that you can put to use at your plant to extend and troubleshoot baglife.


New fabric filter bags are particularly vulnerable during startup phase and this critical phase can drastically reduce bag life. NEUCoat, Neundorfer’s proprietary filter bag pre-coat treatment, protects bags from particulate damage and condensables during this stage and can greatly extend bag life. This lightweight powder with ultra-high surface area creates an artificial protective dust layer essential to preserving bag life in both new and old baghouse installations.

Bag Genie Bag Life Predictor

The Bag Genie Bag Life Predictor from Neundorfer is a patented test instrument for onsite monitoring of fabric filter bag air flow permeability. The permeability information is available in minutes “ and avoids the process of shipping sample fabric filter bags to an outside testing facility. Although, if you don’t have the resources to do the testing and analysis in-house we can test bags in our facility and provide you with a report following the testing.

GLOWStream Leak Detection Powder


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Neundorfer GLOWStream ultrafine 100% fluorescent leak detection powder detects holes, tears, or leaks in fabric filter bags, significantly reducing downtime. It is available in a handheld 3-pound container (treats 9,000 square feet) or 15-pound pail (treats 45,000 square feet) in pink, green, orange, and yellow pigments for testing contrast. GLOWStream leak detection powder is 100% fluorescent pigment and 3X as concentrated as competitive products – so you’ll need less to find holes, leaks, or tears in fabric filter bags. We also offer ultraviolet lights to use with the powder.


We also offer instrumentation solutions so that you are able to better monitor operation and cleaning effectiveness and more effectively troubleshoot bag issues.

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Reliable, More Effective Granular Sulfur Feeder

Duke Energy

When Duke Energy's Allen Steam Station started upgrades to the granular sulfur feed system for three of its units, the utility partnered with Neundorfer to reduce emissions and improve reliability. ...

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"We've spent $0 in maintenance and no downtime attributed to the sulfur feed system since the improvements were made on each unit."

Jerry Ruc

Plant Engineer, Duke Energy Allen Station

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