Baghouse Inspections

Baghouse Inspections and Assessments should be tied to achieving reliability, maintaining dp, and increasing baglife at the lowest cost. Achieving this means that you know when to perform a Baghouse inspection, when to review Baghouse cleaning cycles and operations, and when you only need to perform preventative maintenance. You have limited time and resources to inspect your baghouse, we can help you prioritize.

Why Baghouse Inspections Are Important

It is not uncommon to experience significantly less bag life than expected. Shortened bag life can be attributed to start-up procedures, cleaning process, temperature, air-to-cloth ratio, and the compatibility of the bag media with the gas stream chemistry. This can lead to higher operating and maintenance costs than expected. Baghouse inspections are an important component of reducing dp, lengthening baglife, and improving baghouse operations.

Regular baghouse inspections and maintenance are beneficial, and often problems not caught early can and do explode into crises when left unchecked. Because small issues can build up over time and create crises“like de-rate level opacity excursions“baghouse maintenance on a daily, weekly, quarterly and annual basis should include keeping an eye on some key parameters.

Baghouse inspections should be coupled with regular preventative maintenance routines.  On a regular basis, you should take pressure drop readings, check the cleaning system performance, check valve and damper operations, check the dust removal operation, and check emissions levels.

Improving Baghouse Performance and Bag Life

We offer operational baghouse inspections and assessments and out-of-service baghouse inspections and assessments to help you identify improvements that can be made through analyzing performance trends and the condition of the baghouse. This can help you plan maintenance activities and inspection objectives, as well as improve pre-outage performance.

We also perform targeted baghouse inspections to resolve specific issues, identify the cause of degrading baglife, and improve reliability. Our decades of experience reducing operating and maintenance costs mean you get the information and recommendations that will provide the most performance and reliability impact at your plant. We can help you create maintenance strategies that work for you.

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