Plant Equipment Training Success!

Plant Equipment Training Success!

This week we conducted 4 equipment training sessions!  We trained over 35 individuals at a paper mill on preciptiator basics and equipment functionality.  After installing new equipment, it is important that everyone is comfortable with what it does and how it works, and that they know how to use it.  But before we focus on how the specific equipment functions, we like to make sure that there is a solid understanding of how precipitators work.  Most people don’t focus on the ESPs and so it is difficult to troubleshoot them when they aren’t performing as expected.

Gerald and Kent did a great job facilitating the training and making sure that everyone got what they needed.   They covered the basics of precipitator operations, how to use and troubleshoot the voltage controls, and how to use the software system to enhance operations and troubleshooting.  The participants left with a better understanding of how precipitators work and also how to use the new equipment that was installed recently.  We commend the plant for placing such an importance on employee training!

They were also able to try out a new control demo and the software simulator.  We hoped that this would make the troubleshooting and operations training more interactive.  We think it achieved that result and we will get to work on another demo unit!

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