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SmartAsh Hopper Evacuation Optimization

SmartAsh Quick Stats Screen

The new SmartAsh 7.0 software builds on patented, innovative Neundorfer technology to monitor ash flow and collection trends and to optimize hopper evacuation sequencing. The SmartAsh system works to avoid high hoppers, improve precipitator and equipment performance, and reduce costs, resulting in these operational improvements:

  • Reduced load restrictions
  • Reduced opacity excursions
  • Optimized ash pulling for increased system capacity or reduced system wear and energy use

The SmartAsh 7.0 system has enhanced, realistic graphics and more intuitive navigation; essential functionality for monitoring, trending and troubleshooting ash collection; plus restructured data for improved operation.

Watch the SmartAsh Demo below:


The SmartAsh management system for ash evacuation, working in concert with a programmable logic controller (PLC) or distributed control system (DCS), provides complete ash evacuation system control integration, delivering these benefits as well: 

  • Eliminates the need to maintain existing hopper level detectors or install new ones
  • Identifies hopper and evacuation system component failures quickly
  • Improves troubleshooting of the hopper evacuation system and process 
  • Increases capacity of the fly ash evacuation system without expensive equipment upgrades
  • Avoids exposing personnel to potentially unsafe, hot fly ash conditions 
  • Improves diagnostics for precipitator operation using ash collection and flow trends

The innovative SmartAsh technology helps to avoid high hoppers, improve precipitator performance and equipment utilization, and reduce operational and maintenance costs.

Check out our SmartAsh presentation on providing a customized justification for a SmartAsh installation at your plant.

{link to PowerPoint presentation}

 "The flexibility the SmartAsh system provides is great. We have never had indication on our ash levels like we have now. The Precipitator Optimization System gives our operations people a very good sense of the status and condition of ash removal at any given time. This saves us time and costs associated with physically running around trying to find and solve problems."

Robert D. Wright, P.E. - Dominion Salem Harbor

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