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Electrostatic Precipitator Controls

Voltage Controls

Since 1987, Neundorfer has continuously refined our microprocessor-based automatic voltage controls for electrostatic precipitators. Our latest introduction is the MVC-4 adaptive voltage control—simply the world’s most advanced precipitator control technology. Conventional transformer/rectifier (T/R) sets sectionalized with Neundorfer MVC-4 voltage controls provide higher reliability performance at lower costs than high-frequency T/R sets.

Click here to view a precipitator power system animated schematic showing representative components.

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Rapper Controls

Neundorfer MicroRap™ rapper controls provide a flexible, completely user-programmable foundation for controlling and optimizing all types of rappers to achieve and maintain low opacity.

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Optimization Software

The latest precipitator optimization system from Neundorfer, POS 8 is an intuitive, graphically oriented software control system that optimizes electrostatic precipitator performance while reducing operating costs and improving efficiency and environmental impact.

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Precipitator Health Monitoring System (PHMS™)

A subscription-based product for Neundorfer customers, the Precipitator Health Monitoring System (PHMS) provides 24/7 monitoring, automatic reporting and networking for optimal precipitator performance. Patented Neundorfer program algorithms are continuously updated and free software and hardware updates are included.

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Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

Neundorfer has decades of experience with control systems integration and the application of programmable logic controllers (PLCs)

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