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At Neundorfer our first priority is achieving results, becuase everything we do is focused on creating value for our customers.

Our approach is to understand your challenges and what solving it means to your plant.  This means that the intent isn’t lost through the process, and you get to realize the results you need.


What Are Your Challenges?

For more than 40 years, the Neundorfer team has been dedicated to improving the performance of our customers’ pollution control systems. Even as changes in the market and changing emissions regulations have altered the type of support our customers need, we have adapted in order to address our customers’ evolving situations. Today, we support our customers by maintaining continuous compliance, planning for production flexibility, and ensuring reliable equipment, all while reducing costs.

Sustained Emissions Compliance

New emissions standards are pushing plant owners and operators to do more with less, in shorter and shorter timeframes. This can prove to be difficult, especially considering the interrelationships between the different air pollution control equipment and sorbents being used today. Neundorfer is able to review where you are in terms of meeting compliance regulations, identify the major threats to your continued compliance and model performance improvements and their associated costs to ensure that the approach you take meets your goals. We are also able to support you in the selection of sorbent additives, model performance impacts and optimize the use of these systems. All of this is supported by our analytical process and software systems.

Optimized Total Cost of Ownership

Plant owners and operators are realizing that the operating expenses of their air pollution control systems are adding an unforeseen burden to their operating budgets. Our process has supported many customers in achieving the performance required from these systems while improving their economic vitality. We have found that using a holistic approach to air pollution control equipment leads to the most cost-effective, impactful improvements to equipment operations, reliability and performance. Typically, even the largest challenges can be resolved without high-cost, big-box solutions.

Eliminate System Constraints

Plant and equipment operating requirements are changing significantly to meet the needs of new market conditions, straining critical systems. Shorter runtimes, load swings and production increases should not be hindered by back-end equipment. We have worked with customers to improve the performance of equipment on the back-end to facilitate production increases, to enable start-up and shut-down without incidences and, most importantly, to plan ahead when making incremental improvements so future needs can be met with smaller investments. Let Neundorfer help you meet these challenges while operating efficiently, profitably and safely.

Equipment Reliability

Effective equipment optimization and maintenance results in minimizing downtime, extending equipment life, reducing energy consumption and other operating costs, and optimizing performance. When we are troubleshooting performance issues following an outage, we welcome the opportunity to get inside and document performance-hindering conditions and reliability concerns. Sometimes, plants may end up combining tight operating windows and stretched budgets into a recipe for skipped maintenance routines. However, using operating data, experiential knowledge and a focus on production requirements, a performance-based maintenance process can be created to take advantage of even short outages. Contact us to see how Neundorfer can help you create and implement performance-based maintenance and operating strategies.

Paper Mill Gains Operational Flexibility While Reducing Emissions

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"With Neundorfer's help, we were able to increase fuel ash content and boost precipitator ash carbon content without raising stack emissions."

Midwest Paper Mill

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