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January 17, 2012

Technical Tip

Electrostatic Precipitator Rapping
Sonic Horns for Supplemental Rapping on European-style ESPs

Sonic horns on an electrostatic precipitator

Retrofitting European-style ESPs with MIGIs or vibrators may be the long-term solution when tumbling hammer rapping system components wear out, but that's a major undertaking requiring complete rebuild to separate and isolate plate bundles and wire frames. Instead, or in the meantime, some plants are installing sonic horns for supplementary or replacement energy to clean.

The main trick with sonic horns for cleaning ESP collection plates is knowing where not to put them. Placement is critical because energy from sonic horns has a different dynamic effect on collected ash than energy from rappers.

"Dust is held onto plates by the electrical field, and by particle cohesion," explains Jim Parsons, Senior Engineering Consultant at Neundorfer. "Rapping breaks the bond with the plate but allows particles to stay agglomerated, minimizing
re-entrainment. Energy from sonic horns breaks the cohesive bonds between particles, so a lot more of the dust is re-entrained."

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