Steve Ostanek Purchases Neundorfer

Steve Ostanek Purchases Neundorfer

Neundorfer, Inc. announces that founder Mike Neundorfer has executed an agreement to sell the company to long-time employee and President, Steve Ostanek.  The transition is part of the company’s objective to maintain management continuity, to ensure the sustainability of the company, and to continue to grow and adapt to meet our customers’ changing needs.

Mike will remain the Chairman/CEO and Steve will continue as President/COO.  Key to the transition is that nothing changes for employees, customers, or suppliers.  This was paramount as to how the transition is structured.  And Steve’s 34-years of experience with the company leads to an incredible amount of confidence in Steve and his understanding of our markets and customers.  This will prove to be a key factor in the sustainability of the company, and the continued adaptability of our offerings to meet the evolving needs of our customers.


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