Results-Driven Decisions, Remarkable Results

Results-Driven Decisions, Remarkable Results


When a metal processing plant experienced a major interruption, Neundorfer's team pulled out all the stops to assess the situation, perform a thorough analysis, and create an action plan that would get the plant back on line in only a few days while improving the reliability and performance of the unit.

"We've never been able to get runs this long in all the time I have been working at this facility."

Plant Superintendent

Metalworking Production Improvements

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A large metal production facility experienced a major process interruption that shut down its operation. The customer called on Neundorfer’s technical team to assess the damage and come up with a plan to get the plant back on-line quickly.

Within 24 hours, Neundorfer personnel were on site working with the customer’s team to complete the internal inspection of the ESP (electrostatic precipitator) and ductwork.  Simultaneously, Neundorfer also assigned consultants to reviewing data, models, and drawings to determine performance and time trade-offs for repairs that could be completed.  The analysis indicated that resolution of long-standing small issues were contributing to production curtailments.  Because the highest priority work was in the ductwork, the opportunity was taken to make repairs and improvements to the ESP that would improve reliability and performance.

Close coordination and communication between all parties resulted in an efficient go-forward plan.  Priority was placed on the most critical structural and performance aspects of the facility.  By using data and drawing on experience, we were able to quickly resolve the emergency and use the time available to make repairs that would improve the unit’s performance and reliability once they were back up and running.  This was executed quickly and the ESP was ready for service just days after the event.

After the process was back on line, the performance of the ESP was improved compared to pre-outage levels, and resulted in a remarkable 50% longer production runs.

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