Transforming Data into Improved Performance & Reduced Costs

So you have a precipitator with standard or high frequency T/R sets?  Most likely you have the equipment vendor’s supervisory system that operates on a PC that may link to your DCS. Once in a while you look at it; maybe to try to troubleshoot something, change rapping, or adjust set points. You wish you had something that could do more.

Precipitators have a ton of operating data that can be used to optimize performance (ie increase collection), focus your maintenance plans on what matters most, and reduce operating costs. Neundorfer’s integration capability on ESPs, as well as their associated fly ash evacuation systems and sorbent injection systems has resulted in proactive, highly adaptable, state-of-the-art systems that can

  • Assess equipment condition and operation
  • Diagnose causes of reduced performance or component problems
  • Identify patterns
  • Identify and implement measures to improve performance
  • Provide descriptive information for outage planning (both scheduled and forced)


This results in

  • Higher collection efficiency with lower investments
  • Reduced maintenance budgets
  • Longer equipment life
  • Improved decision making


Fully Integrated

Get more out of your existing control hardware.  You don’t have to have Neundorfer controls to get this!

No matter the equipment manufacturer, we can provide you with powerful software applications and tools to help you maintain compliance, effectively troubleshoot performance issues, and set-up conditional operating parameters to maximize performance over time and throughout production or process changes.

Advanced troubleshooting capabilities allow plant personnel to identify control issues through software. The software can be fully integrated with voltage controls, high frequency T/R sets, rapper controls, hopper evacuation systems, gas conditioning systems, purge air systems, and sorbent injection systems. This connection allows you to troubleshoot and optimize performance through using the data available from the process, precipitator, and ancillary systems.

Our integrated Precipitator Optimization System (POS) can be interfaced to a multitude of other control systems that operate standard T/R sets, High Frequency T/R sets, rapping systems, PLCs, fly ash systems, etc. . We also have the support team that allows us to customize our software systems to your process, your equipment, and your needs.

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