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Troubleshooting Sessions

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Willoughby, OH
Anyone who wants to tap into Neundorfer's expertise with air pollution control systems.

You need to quickly and efficiently get to the root of a problem.
We can help.

There's a good chance you're in the boat of having an air emissions control problem that needs to be solved quickly and efficiently, but don't have the resources, experience or knowledge needed to resolve it. We can help with that.  

You're invited to schedule an intensive, facilitated session focused on working through your specific problem. Our troubleshooting approach combines proven theory and practice about effective meetings with extensive technical knowledge of precipitators, baghouses and other air emission control systems. Sessions typically range in length from 1-2 days, depending on how much time is needed to solve the problem.

Sessions at Your Facility

Don't have time to attend a 2-3 day workshop? We can bring our resources to you for a day or two of intensive troubleshooting at your facility.

Resources provided include:
  • Precipitator and baghouse consultants
  • Engineering, electrical and fabrication expertise
  • Access to boiler and combustion experts if process issues are involved

Sessions at Our Facility

Get away from daily distractions by visiting our headquarters in Willoughby, Ohio, for some focused troubleshooting with our precipitator and baghouse consultants. During this accelerated yet in-depth process, we help you develop an action plan so that what you learn can be applied when you return to the plant.

In Willoughby, you'll also get access to a variety of specialized resources (people, information, technology), including:

  • Electronics lab with a working precipitator model
  • Ash resistivity testing lab
  • Fabrication and manufacturing shop
  • Flow modeling and optimization lab
  • Dedicated conference rooms and meeting spaces

Testimonial from a customer who participated in a troubleshooting session

"The Neundorfer workshop I attended helped me get to the root of a specific precipitator problem at the plant where I work. The facilitators were very attentive, answered my questions, and helped me make connections between concepts. Now I understand what's happening and why."
-Kelly Winnon, Assistant Superintendant of Utilities, Temple Inland

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