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Webinar - MACT Compliance: You Might Be Closer Than You Think

April 06, 2011
Willoughby, OH
Managers at power utilities and heavy industry plants who are responsible for regulatory compliance decisions, and consultants working with them on complementary projects.


Starts at 10:30am Eastern Time
Presentation ends at 11:00am Eastern
Panelists will stay on the line following their presentation for follow-up questions and discussion

During this free half-hour webinar, the second in a two-part series sponsored by Neundorfer and alliance partners, a panel of industry experts share insights and successes learned from helping industrial plant and power utility customers with MACT compliance projects. Register here.

Moderator: Bob McIlvaine, Founder and President, The McIlvaine Company.

Industry Insights

Early results from working with customers indicate that many plants are closer than they initially thought to MACT compliance. The best approach is to start with comprehensive baseline testing before exploring specific improvement opportunities. Often, this baseline analysis points to combustion improvements as the most beneficial place to start for cost-effective compliance.

This webinar is structured using a conversational, case study-based approach to sharing best practices learned through practical experience. We'll walk through plant systems--from the coal pile to the stack--and look at how MACT-regulated pollutants are created, mitigated and captured. During this conversation, our focus will be on what can be done to optimally control, influence or react to hazardous air pollutants (HAPs).  

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