Equipment Training – Precipitator & Baghouse Basics

Our equipment training workshops focus on the basics of precipitator and baghouse operations, maintenance, and troubleshooting. By learning the performance implications of equipment operations, how maintenance practices can support reliability and performance, and how to interpret data to direct your activities, you will leave with new capabilities to put to work at your plant. Our workshops process starts with understanding how the equipment operates, the keys to performance, and how process impacts operations, and how those factors influence how to react to issues, maintain the equipment, and most efficiently operate the equipment.


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Often, the answers are in the data available at the plant. You will learn how to use that data to operate and maintain the equipment for cost-effective performance. We take the time to understand your situation, challenges, and objectives before you come onsite so that we can tailor the workshops to best meet each attendees need.

Attend one of our upcoming sessions to gain the knowledge you need in a way that lets you apply it to your responsibilities.



Gain the knowledge you need to apply to your current responsibilities.


Ideal for equipment owners, maintenance managers, and technicians.

Take Away

Improve equipment knowledge, troubleshoot problems faster and reduce maintenance time and costs.

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Upcoming Sessions



Savannah Precipitator O&M Training

Savannah, GA - Brice Hotel - Downtown Savannah



Wisconsin Precipitator and Baghouse O&M Training

Madison, WI - Hilton Madison Monona Terrace



Salt Lake City Precipitator & Baghouse O&M Training

Salt Lake City, UT - The Little America Hotel - Salt Lake City

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